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0x: Deep Dive Report

Announcing the Deep Dive Report from Smith + Crown. In-depth information and analysis on significant crypto projects and their associated assets, continuing with 0x.
Dec/20/18 | Feature
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Monero: Deep Dive Report

Announcing the Deep Dive Report from Smith + Crown. In-depth information and analysis on significant crypto projects and their associated assets, beginning with Monero.
Dec/20/18 | Feature
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Caspian: Crypto Trading Platform

Caspian is a cryptotrading platform aimed at sophisticated and institutional investors. It offers a range of technology and support services designed to enable superior trade execution, position management, compliance and reporting. Caspian is a a joint venture between blockchain investment firm Kenetic, and asset management technology provider Tora. Their ERC20 token, CSP, can optionally be used within the platform to unlock a variety of discounts, rewards and governance rights.
Sep/24/18 | Token Sale
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Q2 2018: Material Development in a Bear Market

The industry of token-based projects in 2018 Q2 saw development along a variety of axes, as projects continued to raise funds, build their applications, and work within regulatory regimes. The space is more robust than an initial view of the aggregate funding or overall market trends would suggest, a conclusion supported by the prominent trends in the diversification of smart contract platform development, token sales in a variety of market sectors, and initial integrations with existing financial structures through Regulation D/SAFT registered offerings. This article takes a deeper look at 2018 Q2’s most significant developments, and considers why these themes point towards a maturing market in certain respects.
Aug/20/18 | quarterly review
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Etherisc: A Decentralized Insurance Protocol

Etherisc is developing an insurance protocol based on Ethereum smart contracts. The ecosystem involves an array of service providers launching and selling various types of insurance, backed by on-chain and off-chain risk capital and reinsurance capital. The DIP token is used by service providers, who must stake an amount worth 15 – 25% of their monthly revenue.
Jul/30/18 | Token Sale
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Introduction to Decred

Decred is a cryptocurrency designed for P2P payments in a similar vein as Bitcoin, albeit with a focus on governance through a hybrid PoW/PoS consensus architecture. While not a fork of Bitcoin, Decred utilizes several of its design elements and explicitly aims to improve upon Bitcoin’s perceived shortcomings. Decred emphasizes governance input for all stakeholders through an on-chain voting and public proposal system; it was the first blockchain to implement an on-chain, token holder-approved hard fork.
Jun/08/18 | Article
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Tether, a Pathbreaking yet Flawed Element of Crypto Market Infrastructure

Tether, the most widely known stablecoin in the cryptocurrency markets, remains the subject of considerable concern and skepticism and while these questions may well remain unresolved, Tether’s lasting legacy is likely to be associated with its role as the initial stablecoin project to develop a large market presence, in effect serving as an important proof of concept in a space that has attracted considerable attention.
Jun/07/18 | Article