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Blockchain Technology

This memo on blockchain technology provides a technical overview of the most popular blockchain platforms by exploring their core components and examining how they interact so to enable a fully functioning blockchain platform.
Apr/11/19 | Feature
S+C Article

Cryptoeconomic Design

This article introduces key concepts in cryptoeconomic design, which will be expanded upon in an upcoming series distilling insights garnered from S+C’s practice designing incentive systems.
Mar/29/19 | Article
S+C Article

Security Token Overview Series: Part 2

This article provides a broad overview of the range of developments comprising the core of the security token infrastructure space, discussing the security token issuance protocols, overall trading ecosystem, trade settlement and token custody aspects of the security token universe while examining the technical and compliance-related aspects of each of these features.
Mar/20/19 | Feature
S+C Article

Decred: Deep Dive Report

Announcing the next Deep Dive Report from Smith + Crown. In-depth information and analysis on significant crypto projects and their associated assets, continuing with Decred.
Mar/01/19 | Feature
S+C Article

2018 in Review: A Year in Numbers or a Year in Narratives?

While the digestion of gains made throughout 2017 has been amongst the most widely recognized theme of 2018, virtually every aspect of the cryptoasset space saw ongoing development, considerable amounts of which were supported by equity sales and venture capital funding. This suggests that a range of actors—from start-ups, to name brands, long-established companies, investment firms, and even governments—remain committed to erecting the infrastructure for a larger, farther-reaching, and more impactful cryptoasset ecosystem.
Feb/26/19 | Feature