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Smith + Crown is the world's leading blockchain research organization. Since 2013 we have been studying the breadth of the public blockchain space with a focus on global trends, industry intelligence, and cryptoeconomic systems.

Blockchain technology gives us the ability to design and implement both systems of governance over capital and the creation of novel economies. These represent fundamentally powerful tools - tools that have the power to tackle some of humanity's most difficult challenges. These are technologies for everyone. No one needs permission or permit - simply knowledge. With access to knowledge anyone can work to build solutions for their community, network, industry or country. Our mission is to develop the highest quality of intelligence, analysis, and education around these topics as well as tools and networks to maximize their impact. We see this as a critical part of facilitating and supporting the application of these technologies, ideas, and systems. As an organization, we spend our energy in three core areas:


Our north star as an organization is creation of high quality research and tools to expand its impact, application, and accessibility. This can range from reports, memos and databases to research processes, intelligence networks, tools, services and entire research platforms. The vast majority of our research is published free of charge on our site and eventually through our platform.


We believe in the industry and communities that we have chosen to participate in and believe that we have a responsibility and an opportunity to apply our knowledge, resources, and expertise to help them develop and to promote best practices. These activities can range from publishing on topics of public good such as self governance or regulation, to acting as the chief research advisor to the Chamber for Digital Commerce's Token Alliance, to sitting on the advisory board of Social Alpha.


We always look for the ways in which we can apply our expertise and experience to the greatest impact. To this end we work with a small selection of partners to help them tackle particularly difficult, interesting, and complex research-based challenges - most often around the design of crypto economic systems.

We are a research group and as such we do not offer or engage in promotional or advertising services. The research we publish is at our discretion and direction, and we are not a subsidiary or owned by another organization. When we write analysis on a project that we have advised, we include a clear note of such relationship. We believe in constant development and feedback. Smith + Crown and its various components are research initiatives themselves and as such will involve experimentation and iteration as we work to improve, expand, and incorporate feedback. We welcome comments and ideas. We are looking forward to the adventures ahead and to building the next steps of this exciting future with the community.

meet the team

Brian Lio


Matt Chwierut

Research Director

Wilcox Gleasman


Brant Downes


Michael Vossen


Jake Rapaport


Matt Slayton


Nancy Fang

Research / Design