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Smith + Crown is the World's Leading Blockchain Research Organization

focusing on global trends, industry intelligence and cryptoeconomic systems since 2013.


Our team is driven to the frontiers of research on the application of blockchain technology and cryptoeconomic systems. Read our research or reach out about specialized offerings.


We look for exceptional organizations to work with around a variety of bespoke and structured offerings across cryptoeconomics, incentive design, blockchain strategy and digital asset intelligence.


We look for opportunities to apply our unique expertise and experience to the development of the industry and have active roles with the Chamber of Digital Commerce, Social Alpha Foundation, and the Oregon Blockchain Venture Studio, among others.


Our New Research Platform

Asset intelligence, original research and analysis of emerging blockchain ecosystems by an experienced team of expert analysts.

World Class Research Cited in Global Publications

Our data and research has been broadly cited, and continue to support informed dialogue and news.