Upcoming Token Sales

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End Date
Chimaera (CHI)A custom blockchain for hosting decentralized games.
Lendingblock (LND)A platform that facilitates peer-to-peer borrowing & lending of cryptocurrencies & digital assets, offering institutional-grade securities lending functionality.
IPCHAIN (IPCHAIN)A blockchain-based database of intellectual property for scientists and academic publications.
Effect.ai (EFX)A private, decentralized ecosystem for AI development and AI-related services.
LabStart (LAB)A decentralized platform where users can directly invest in projects and own shares of the resulting patents.
FIC Network (eFIC)An end-to-end securities network for cryptocurrencies that enables the listing, exchange, and securitization of fixed income financial instruments.
Bitnation (PAT)A voluntary nation as a DAO with a reputation token.


2017 Token Sales in Review, Part IV: The geography of token sales

The final installment of the 2017 Year End Review considers the geography of token sales, both the number of completed sales and amounts raised on a national basis, as well as more obscure yet equally revealing metrics looking at regional patterns including a consideration of what regions are serving as global token sale hubs.


2017 Token Sales / ICOs in Review: Part III

2017’s token sale activity was marked by trends both well-known and more obscure. In an effort to peer behind those trends we explore ‘raise bands’ as a useful way to think about the token sale market.

Venezuela’s Petro: An emerging era of state-backed cryptocurrencies?

Venezuela’s proposed Petro cryptocurrency has elicited numerous, impassioned reactions, but beyond the particularities of the Venezuelan context the Petro raises a number of more far-reaching trends related to state-backed, commodity-based, cryptocurrencies. This article begins to consider some of these wider issues.

2017 Token Sales / ICOs in Review: Part II

Token sales and ICO activity in 2017 involved an incredible variety of projects. As a group, they show all the many ways entrepreneurs are applying blockchain technology and tokenization to sectors throughout the economy.

2017 Token Sales in Review: Part I

An overview of the growth of the token sale space in 2017 as reflected through the lens of the general numbers for ICOs and amounts raised, with a few links to some of our previously published pieces that help illustrate some of these ideas.

A Framework for ICO/Token Sale Self-Governance

In this report, we share our thoughts on self-regulation within the token sale / ICO industry. It is in informed by countless internal conversation and debates throughout our network, the review of over five hundred different projects, and the dozens of notices and actions from regulators around the world.