DAOs and Securities Regulation

Distributed Autonomous Organizations involve crypto-tokens, which confer to its holders special rights. Should launching a DAO be considered a security offering?

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Komodo and the vision of SuperNET

Komodo is in the final stages of its ICO. It is part of a much bigger vision for the future of blockchain technology–the SuperNET, in development since 2014, and in many ways, different from prevailing trends in the cryptocurrency space.


Zcash: a first look at mining

Zcash launched on Friday, October 28th. Mining for ZEC started low but over the weekend, drew mining power away from ETH and toward ZEC. Nonetheless, it does not appear to have induced significant amounts of net new mining activity.

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What is Golem?

Golem is an ambitious project to build a global P2P supercomputer using the Ethereum network: anyone can buy and sell computation in real-time. They will hold a crowdsale in the next couple weeks.