Smith + Crown’s Industry and Sector Classification

Smith + Crown has developed a classification system for the various sectors into which blockchain-based companies are focusing their energies and integrated those results into our existing project database. Here, we outline our thinking on industry classification in the context of disruptive technology and show an initial look at what areas of the economy are getting targeted through token launches.

Token Sale

Refereum Token Sale: Disintermediating Game Referral Marketing

Refereum aims to disintermediate the game referral market with a smart contract-based bounty system for organic game promotion and achievement. This project is targeted at small-scale Twitch streamers and hobbyist gamers, who face challenges monetizing their following or skill in a crowded industry.

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Covesting: Professional Trade Following for the Crypto Sector

Covesting is a cryptocurrency-focused trading and information platform aiming to bring a range of new tools to crypto traders and investors, including a peer-to-peer trade-following model, an advanced trading platform connected to multiple exchanges, and a crypto news and information center.

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Gameflip: Tokenizing and trading in-game assets

GameFlip is launching a platform where digital goods purchased and earned on gaming platforms can be sold as liquid assets. A non-blockchain version is live today, and following an ICO, they plan to integrate smart contracts as payment escrow and introduce the FLIP token, which will be the payment rail on the platform.

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Gimmer Token Sale: Algorithmic Cryptocurrency Trading Bots

Gimmer is a blockchain-based platform for algorithmic cryptocurrency trading bots. The founders of Gimmer are looking to place the creation and deployment of automated trading systems into the hands of the broader trading population, including those without programming backgrounds.

Token Sale

Solar Bankers Token Sale: Distributed Solar Production and Energy Trading

Solar Bankers is a renewable energy company proposing to facilitate the emergence of a p2p energy trading grid for locally produced energy, built around the company’s portfolio of solar product prototypes employing its proprietary, patented thin film solar technology. The project is early stage and faces a number of challenges, including an ambitious raise amount, the need to establish a manufacturing partnership, and plans to build on a new blockchain.

October Token Sales: The Market is Maturing and Business is Getting Done

Market developments in October suggest the ICO market might be maturing. Of the 165 token sales that were scheduled to close in October 2017, only 40% were completed on time, suggesting a tightening market. While the number of sales and the total amount raised continues to rise, the average and median amount raised continues to fall–more signs the market is getting more discerning about who is getting funded. The number of projects raising $5 million – $40 million is also increasing, suggesting a crop of products and developments could come to the market in 2018.

Token Sale

NaPoleonX Token Sale: A Platform for Autonomous Fund Management

NaPoleon Crypto aspires to be the first algorithmic asset manager for crypto investors seeking to target both crypto and traditional market opportunities, and is creating a platform and funds ecosystem designed to appeal to large, traditional investors looking to diversify into crypto assets.