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The Smith + Crown ICO Tracker includes results for all ICOs raising more than $25,000. The tracker includes results dating to the first ICO in 2012 and is updated on an ongoing basis.

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Largest Historical Raises

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  1. Telegram
  2. $262,000,000
  3. $234,000,000
  4. Sirin Labs
  5. $148,000,000
  6. PolkaDot
  7. Qash
  8. $101,000,000
  9. Envion
  10. $97,500,000

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The Smith + Crown Currencies ICO Tracker is a comprehensive collection of ICO results dating back to the first ICO in 2012. We record results both in fiat currency as well as relevant crypto amounts, pegging crypto amounts raised to values at the time of the close of the sale in question. Our data includes results for ICOs raising above $25,000 USD, an amount originally chosen as it is representative of average amounts raised on kickstarter, another popular way for start-ups and entrepreneurs to raise funding from investors, supporters, and community members.