Overview and Analysis of ICO Regulatory Developments

The spring and summer of 2017 have been tumultuous for the ICO industry. We summarize recent developments, particularly the wave of recent regulatory actions. We argue for cautious optimism while acknowledging that the industry needs to regulate itself.

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Aero Token ICO: Dubious Prospects for the Drone Superhighway

Aero Token proposes a blockchain-based system for granting, utilizing, and paying for avigation easements for commercial drone flights. While the project is superficially appealing, closer examination uncovers serious questions about the regulatory and financial prospects of the company’s approach. Consideration of this project highlights many the wide-ranging challenges and healthy skepticism required while conducting due diligence research in the novel world of ICOs.


Smith + Crown launches a curated list of ICOs

Smith + Crown has launched a curated list of ICOs and token sales. This list should help people focus on projects that meet several key criteria we think exhibit a thoughtful token sale. It is not a paid list, and inclusion is done at our own discretion.

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Blackmoon Crypto: Blockchain-Based Fund Management

Blackmoon Crypto, aspiring to become ‘The bridge between the crypto universe and the traditional investment market,’ is the creation of an Ireland-based financial management group developing a blockchain-based investment management platform allowing managers to host and manage their own tokenized funds on with Blackmoon providing infrastructure and services to support and simplify fund management.