DAOs and Securities Regulation

Distributed Autonomous Organizations involve crypto-tokens, which confer to its holders special rights. Should launching a DAO be considered a security offering?

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What is SingularDTV?

SingularDTV is an Ethereum-based token “for a Blockchain Film & Television Entertainment Studio & Distribution Portal, with a Smart Contract Rights Management Platform” Their crowdsale starts Sunday, October 3rd.


Smith + Crown seeking Research Associate

Smith + Crown is seeking a research associate for our Portland office. You’ll be writing, reading, interviewing, and analyzing. You’ll learn more about one of the most complex and promising technologies of our times. You’ll work in a dynamic startup with a diverse and seasoned team. And there will be lots of room to grow.

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The Market for First Blood

First Blood aims to be a decentralized wagering platform for P2P competitive computer games, and it starts selling 1ST tokens midnight GMT September 26, 2016 (5pm PST Sunday Sept 25). Read Smith+Crown’s analysis of the platform, the 1ST token, and their potential.


First Blood Crowdsale

First Blood is a platform that lets eSports players challenge each other to competitive games and win rewards–that is, players puts up a stake of in-platform tokens, similar to a wager. The system is made possible by smart contracts and decentralized Oracles on the Ethereum blockchain. Their crowdsale launches on September 26th.