The Rise and Fall of Coins

The top ten currencies at the beginning of 2015 did not all stay in that list for long. Cryptocurrencies come and go. In this article, we take a quick look at how those currencies performed over the 18 months that followed. Overall, we find that an equal investment in all of them would have still yielded positive returns.


An Interview with Eric Gu, CEO of Metaverse

An interview with Eric Gu, CEO of Metaverse–a China-based blockchain project. Topics include the Metaverse ICO, the role of middlemen on the blockchain, and his experience managing a cryptocurrency project that is Chinese in origin but global in ambition.


Down the Deep Dark Web

A new movie offers an introduction to the dark web and debates around online privacy, anonymity, and personal data. Those who don’t know what the dark web is should watch it.


New Economy Movement: What is NEM?

In the past several months, New Economy Movement (NEM) has experienced a surge of popularity and price. The NEM protocol has introduced several unique blockchain features, including proof-of-importance, a node reputation system, and native multisig capabilities, among others.


Updates on the Bitfinex Hack (ongoing)

Bitfinex lost $60 million of customer Bitcoins. They will generalized losses: everyone will have 36% fewer funds. They will also issue a tradeable, transferable debt-equity token called BFX to compensate users.


Antshares Releases English Whitepaper

Antshares, a Chinese blockchain company focused on digital assets, recently released an English version of its whitepaper. It reveals many of the features that make their blockchain optimized for modern asset trading.