Weekly Cryptocurrency Roundup April 29th 2016
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Weekly Cryptocurrency Roundup April 29th 2016

Lumen distribution details, Lisk delays, Maidsafe development updates, ShapeShift hack details, and more in this week's cryptocurrency roundup.

Stellar announced that it will distribute Lumens (Stellar’s cryptocurrency) to Bitcoin holders. This will go on in multiple phases, and Bitcoin holders as of July 4th will be eligible in the first round. This is when a snapshot of the Bitcoin blockchain will be taken. Stellar has reserved 19% of the total Lumen supply to distribute to Bitcoin holders. There is a catch though – you need to connect your Facebook identity to your Bitcoins in order to claim these Lumens. Alternately, you have to go through an exchange and the only one supporting this right now is Kraken. This is a dangerous exercise, to tie real-world identities to your Bitcoins voluntarily. No wonder the community isn’t too enthusiastic about this proposal.

Peercoin announced a major update this week, with lots of changes coming on board over the next few months. Firstly, there is a mandatory upgrade for a protocol switch. Then, there is an announcement of ‘Peerassets’ which is another asset tracking system, this time on top of Peercoin. Asset-systems seem to be becoming popular with developers of late. NXT was the first proof of stake cryptocurrency to integrate a full asset-tracking, and Peercoin doesn’t want to be left behind.

Lisk has encountered some issues and is delaying the launch. The cryptocurrency was supposed to have already launched this month, but is instead postponing this by a month. The new launch date is 24th May 2016. The announcement talks of some major changes to the database (moving to PostgreSQL from SQLite) and other improvements to speed up the client. Lisk had one of the more successful recent ICOs and will be interesting to see all the features that it launches with.

Another Maidsafe development update, from routing to UX. Lots of improvements under the hood, plus some changes on the UI side of things as well.

More details emerge on the ShapeShift hack.

Some of the high-flyers of cryptocurrencies in the past few months seem to be coming down in price (e.g. Ethereum, Maidsafe, Factom) while some of the old-guard are seeing an upswing (e.g. Litecoin, Peercoin). This is interesting in light of the recent price breakout of Bitcoin above $450, which is around where it is currently trading.