Weekly Cryptocurrency Roundup April 23 2016
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Weekly Cryptocurrency Roundup April 23 2016

This week we discuss new developments for Ethereum, more information out of Augur with an exciting presenter in one of its meetup in New York, launch of Waves testnet, and update on Lisk

Ethereum, the second-largest cryptocurrency after Bitcoin by market capitalization, has been seeing steady development, even as its price has been fluctuating. ConsenSys has been adding a new roster of clients to build apps for. This time, it is the insurance giant John Hancock that wants to do a proof of concept on Ethereum. Although just a proof of concept, it is great to see some established financial players with billions of dollars in assets, look towards utilizing cryptocurrencies and Ethereum’s virtual computing environment for business solutions.

That’s not all from ConsenSys though. This week, the company announced the creation of Regis, a decentralized registry on Ethereum. In addition to building a user-defined key-value pair for the registry service, Regis also has an auction system built-in that it plans to use for cases where these pairs are scarce with enough demand from buyers, such as the current web DNS.

We at Smith + Crown are working hard to bring you the most up-to-date ICOs in crypto-land, with enough information and research so you can make your own decision on them. This week, we added a new one to our list, the Bitland ICO.

Waves, which is still in ICO phase and raised around $2 million in the first day, has announced the launch of its testnet. It’s current ICO funding has exceeded 5000 BTC, although the growth has slowed due to a 20% bonus incentive structure for first-day participants. Waves is creating a token platform that other ICOs can then make use of. In addition, it is useful for cases that need to represent digital assets, from in-game currencies to credit systems to digital-only goods.

Lisk provided a list of new community country ambassadors and additional details on the bounty program. Lisk’s testnet has already been released and new updates to the testnet happen regularly. The documentation is updated here, and you’ll find instructions on how to run your client if you want to.

Augur, the decentralized prediction marketplace being built on top of Ethereum has announced a meetup event in New York on June 8th that features former InTrade founder and Augur advisor Ron Bernstein speaking on the past, present and future of prediction markets. Considering how popular InTrade was before it shut down, it should be an interesting talk and pretty relevant to what Augur is working on. Augur still wants to launch before the presidential elections, but with additional development and third-party security audits, no one is really sure.

On the Bitcoin price front, we saw a price breakout to the upside after a period of unusually high price stability. The price touched $450/BTC this week.