Unlinkable Divisible Electronic Cash


Recently,somedivisibleelectroniccash(e-cash)systemshave been proposed. However, in existing divisible e-cash systems, efficiency or unlinkability is not sufficiently accomplished. In the existing efficient divisible cash systems, all protocols are conducted in the order of the polynomial of log N where N is the divisibility precision (i.e., (the total coin amount)/ (minimum divisible unit amount)), but payments divided from […]

User Privacy in the Public Bitcoin Blockchain

Bitcoin is a peer-to-peer electronic cash system that maintains a public ledger with all transactions. The public availability of this information has implications for the privacy of the users. The public ledger consists of transactions that transfer funds from a set of inputs to a set of outputs. Both inputs and outputs are linked to […]

Sybil-Resistant Mixing for Bitcoin

A fundamental limitation of Bitcoin and its variants is that the movement of coin between addresses can be observed by examining the public block chain. This record enables ad- versaries to link addresses to individuals, and to identify multiple addresses as belonging to a single participant. Users can try to hide this information by mixing, […]