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Introduction to Decred

Decred is a cryptocurrency designed for P2P payments in a similar vein as Bitcoin, albeit with a focus on governance through a hybrid PoW/PoS consensus architecture. While not a fork of Bitcoin, Decred utilizes several of its design elements and explicitly aims to improve upon Bitcoin’s perceived shortcomings. Decred emphasizes governance input for all stakeholders through an on-chain voting and public proposal system; it was the first blockchain to implement an on-chain, token holder-approved hard fork.

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A Framework for ICO/Token Sale Self-Governance

In this report, we share our thoughts on self-regulation within the token sale / ICO industry. It is in informed by countless internal conversation and debates throughout our network, the review of over five hundred different projects, and the dozens of notices and actions from regulators around the world.

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Consequences of an Ethereum Fork

The DAO has been attacked, millions lost and and the Ethereum community is considering a fork to recover the stolen funds. The reaction to this attack will forever change Ethereum.

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Another Fork Dilemma in The DAO Wars

The proposed soft fork to recover DAO funds may be vulnerable, forcing the community to consider a hard fork. Meanwhile, the community is debating the long-term fallout of both the attack and a fork.

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What is a token sale (ICO)?

ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings) have become a popular way to fund cryptocurrency projects. What are they, and how do they work?

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