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Q2 2018: Material Development in a Bear Market

The industry of token-based projects in 2018 Q2 saw development along a variety of axes, as projects continued to raise funds, build their applications, and work within regulatory regimes. The space is more robust than an initial view of the aggregate funding or overall market trends would suggest, a conclusion supported by the prominent trends in the diversification of smart contract platform development, token sales in a variety of market sectors, and initial integrations with existing financial structures through Regulation D/SAFT registered offerings. This article takes a deeper look at 2018 Q2’s most significant developments, and considers why these themes point towards a maturing market in certain respects.

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Weekly Cryptocurrency Roundup April 23 2016

This week we discuss new developments for Ethereum, more information out of Augur with an exciting presenter in one of its meetup in New York, launch of Waves testnet, and update on Lisk

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