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Welcome to Smith + Crown

Welcome to Smith + Crown, your home for research, reporting and analysis across the breadth of Bitcoin, blockchain technology, digital currency and cryptofinance.

Welcome to Smith + Crown, your home for research and analysis across the breadth of Bitcoin, blockchain technology, digital currency and cryptofinance.

What is Smith + Crown?

Smith + Crown is a research group focused on the revolutionary technologies in the emerging field of cryptofinance. Entrepreneurs are building blockchains, launching smart contracts, developing distributed autonomous organizations, re-imagining digital privacy, re-designing the architecture of the internet, and broadly finding ways to make centralized systems more distributed. We want to bridge the gap between these technologies and those who want to learn more. The cultural, economic, and societal implications of these technologies will be significant. We live in a unique time, and Smith + Crown is a place where we can tell the stories of these technologies, the people who build them, and how they will affect our lives in the years to come.

More specifically, Smith + Crown is a combination of research, analysis, digital currency profiles and market data: a single place where the world of cryptocurrencies and emerging technology can be explored and discussed.

Active Development and Interactive Beta

We believe in constant development and feedback. Smith + Crown and its various components are a open beta and as such will involve a certain amount of experimentation and fluctuation as we work to improve, expand, and incorporate feedback. We welcome comments of all kinds. If you see something that needs fixing, have an idea or just want to let us know what you think – do it! We look forward to hearing from everyone.

What’s Live Today

Original Research, Reporting and Analysis

One of the foundations of Smith + Crown is research and reporting. We will be regularly updating the front page with new reports, news, articles features and stories. We encourage you to check out our writing and let us know what you think.

Currency Profiles and Market Data

We have compiled detailed profiles and market data across the most important, interesting and relevant cryptocurrencies that are actively traded today. Check out the markets page for an overview look at prices, volume and exchange rates or dive into specific currency profiles for a look at everything from community to source code. Both of these areas are under active development and we are actively working to expand both the breadth and accuracy of the data involved.


We have reviewed and complied a wide range of open research in the cryptocurrency, cryptofinance and blockchain spaces and indexed it all in a powerful interface that allows searching, sorting and filtering by a variety of aspects and topics. Additionally, the site’s search tool looks across an array of content to help you find the best resources for a given topic.


The Smith + Crown Cryptocurrency Index

One of Smith + Crown’s unique features is our own cryptocurrency index.  The price of Bitcoin drives the most market volume by far, but it alone does not tell the whole story of how the cryptocurrency and digital asset markets are doing. We have created and will be actively updating an index that looks at the largest and most important cyrpotocurrencies to provide a critical and much needed reference point as to the performance of the markets as a whole. You have the S&P 500 the Dow Joes Index, and now the Smith + Crown Index.

There is much more to come, but we are excited to share what we have built so far and are even more excited to hear your feedback, comments, and suggestions. Explore the site and content, learn, research, break stuff. Let us know what you find and most importantly, what you think.

Thank you again for your participation. Please mail anything and everything to us at: beta@smithandcrown.com.

Best Regards,

The Smith + Crown Team