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Smith + Crown plus CoinDash: making the market more user-friendly

Smith + Crown is excited to announce a collaboration with CoinDash, a company developing portfolio-tracking tools for crypto investors. We are both working to realize a more user-friendly market, with better insights, data, and tools.

Smith + Crown previously and informally advised CoinDash. We do not currently have a financial relationship with CoinDash, and are not official or unofficial advisors in any capacity.

Smith + Crown is excited to announce a collaboration with CoinDash, which is developing portfolio tracking tools and is currently a leader in hack.ethercamp’s virtual accelerator.

Both companies see a future of more investors in cryptocurrency, a more diverse crypto-token market, and more capital overall. Making crypto-finance more user friendly helps the entire industry. Realizing this future requires tackling a couple challenges that face existing and would-be investors in cryptocurrency.

Smith + Crown: Understanding the Market

A couple important things distinguish crypto-assets from traditional financial assets.

They vary widely in what they do: stocks, bonds, deposits, and currencies follow familiar formats, but crypto-assets vary widely in what they provide to their holders. Some give certain access rights in a distributed protocol, some are means of payment, some function like shares in a distributed autonomous organization, and others are difficult to categorize. Holders need unbiased, in-depth information on the crypto-assets in their portfolio.

Regulation is ambiguous and there are no reporting standards: crypto-assets have different legal designations in different countries, and despite growing regulatory awareness, there is significant and justified confusion about who regulates what and how. Tracking developments in regulation is important, but it’s also critical to get unbiased, third-party information about what these projects really are. Unfortunately, information is distributed across various forums, slack channels, and subreddits, and the signal-to-noise ratio is very low.

Smith + Crown addresses these issues by providing insights into existing and emerging crypto-asset projects, original market data, and a unique market index tracking the development of the entire crypto-asset market. Smith + Crown also currently provides in-depth coverage of existing crowdsales/initial coin offerings (ICOs). Such events have raised over $270 million to date, and many have offered order-of-magnitude returns. We publish third-party assessments of these projects, so potential participants can understand the types and sizes of risk involved.

Smith + Crown is starting to launch a series of offerings that involves frequent analysis of different cryptocurrency projects.

CoinDash: A Social Network for Crypto Investors

There are precious few tools for tracking one’s cryptocurrency holdings currently.  Many investors today resort to spreadsheets, sometimes augmented by scripts to grab current price information. CoinDash’s measuring tools help compare the portfolio’s performance against the market, calculate risk scores and measure diversification. Users simply connect their trading accounts (bitcoin, ethereum, and exchanges) to CoinDash, which will automatically track portfolio performance.

Screenshot of CoinDash: portfolio performance (tan) relative to Bitcoin as a benchmark (green)

A strong performance-measuring engine coupled with a powerful social engine will enable traders to compare themselves to other trades, discover new opportunities, find superstart investors, get automated trading signals from them, and even copy-trade them.

The cryptocommunity currently shares information across a variety of channels, ranging from forums, subreddits, twitter, and myriad slack channels. To complete the social graph, CoinDash wants to create one place for people to discover other enthusiasts and interact with them.

Our Collaboration: Information + Insights

In this collaboration, Smith + Crown will make research available to users of Coindash’s platform. CoinDash users can watch their portfolios alongside selections of relevant Smith + Crown research. User can weigh whether to change positions based on new insights into the crypto-token projects. They can acquire new tokens in ambitious and disruptive protocols. They can follow when some projects experience near-death challenges, like Synereo did recently.

Stay tuned for Smith + Crown’s upcoming pilot project and demos from CoinDash.

For now, go show support for CoinDash in <>–the global Ethereum-focused hackathon.