Our team is growing and we're looking for exceptional talent to join us.
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Smith + Crown is Growing, Join our Team

Our team is growing and we're looking for exceptional talent to join us.

Smith + Crown has existed in various forms for almost four years. Along the way we have kept the same vision–pursuit of the highest quality research, developed by a curious and driven team, and supported by a constantly improving platform and infrastructure.

The blockchain industry is growing, faster now than ever before, and with this growth comes an incredible and critical need for insightful and impactful information. We are looking to expand our team to increase the breath and depth of our offerings and are looking for a few key people to join us.

Right now we looking for new members on both the research/analysis team and our web development team. Some items to note:

    • Our primary office is in Portland Oregon, and we highly prefer someone that is willing to join us here. With how quickly this industry moves and how much there is to learn, there’s no substitute for working side by side.


    • Our culture is unique–we’ve built this organization ourselves, one conversation and one article at a time. We are bootstrappers and looking for someone excited to build this with us. We are offering equity and comfortable, though conservative salary in this first stage of growth.


    • We are passionate idealists and see our success tied to that of the industry overall. This means that in order to be successful we need to be the best possible actor first and have a responsibility to conduct our work, no matter what it is, with integrity.


    • We hold ourselves to the highest standards of quality and are looking for individuals who are dissatisfied with anything less than the relentless pursuit of best in class work.


We encourage anyone interested to carefully read the job descriptions and reach out with background and context for what makes you the best possible applicant for the job. We have gotten significant interest for these positions and will not consider any resumes that do not include a cover letter.

We look forward to hearing from you and to building the future of the industry together.