DAO Token Trading to Launch on Gatecoin - Smith + Crown
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DAO Token Trading to Launch on Gatecoin

DigixDAO tokens will be available for trade starting at 12 PM HKT (GMT+8) / 12 AM EST, April 28, on the Hong Kong based Gatecoin exchange according to a statement from Gatecoin.

Gatecoin incorrectly issued a statement, that the Slock.it DAO token process would begin tomorrow and be offered in part through their platform. This was reported in error, and we regret the inaccuracy. The article has been updated to reflect this.

DigixDAO tokens will be available for  trade starting at 12 PM HKT (GMT+8) / 12 AM EST, April 28, on the Hong Kong based Gatecoin exchange according to a press release issued today by Gatecoin.

DigixDAO Tokens

The DigixDAO enjoyed a highly successful ICO that ended in less than a day and raised 5.5 million USD.  These tokens will now be available for trade for the first time on the Gatecoin exchange.

Additionally, according to statements received by Smith + Crown from Gatecoin the Digix asset tokens will also be listed for exchange on Gatecoin when they become available with the gold token expected to launch in the coming weeks.


The listing of DigixDAO tokens on Gatecoin’s exchange follows the company’s move to provide a greater variety of services to support the investment and trading of assets derived from decentralized blockchains or ‘blockchain assets.’

Gatecoin has been at the forefront of the Ethereum ecosystem since early 2015, as the first exchange to offer ether (ETH) trading back in July 2015 and remains in the top three exchanges globally for ETHBTC volumes. The company invests heavily in the research of promising Ethereum based projects, which could be listed on Gatecoin’s exchange as tokens, the first of which was Augur, a decentralized prediction market. Augur’s token (REP) currently trades as IOUs on Gatecoin prior to the project’s full release.