Security Token Overview Series: Part 2 - Smith + Crown
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Security Token Overview Series: Part 2

This article provides a broad overview of the range of developments comprising the core of the security token infrastructure space, discussing the security token issuance protocols, overall trading ecosystem, trade settlement and token custody aspects of the security token universe while examining the technical and compliance-related aspects of each of these features.

This Smith + Crown research series intends to explore the contexts, structures, possibilities, and limitations of security tokens. The series does so through an extended series of research memos and commentaries that both analyzes existing arguments relating to securities tokens and introduces key elements of Smith + Crown’s own views of securities tokens, including the potential for them to emerge as a novel type of ‘securities plus’ vehicle able to bridge the gulf between traditional securities markets and emerging cryptocurrency markets.


Please enjoy our second installment of The Security Token Overview Series.


This memo overviews major developments in security token infrastructure, including:
  • Securities issuance protocols.
  • Securities trading regulations.
  • Securities compliance documentation.
  • Professional custodianship.