Starbase Token Sale: A platform for fundraising and recruiting

Starbase is a platform for projects to conduct funding and skill-sourcing activities.

Project Description

Starbase is a platform for projects to conduct funding and skill-sourcing activities. This is achieved by enabling simple ERC-20 token issuance using smart contract templates and a built-in freelancer marketplace. A payment system enables freelancers to be compensated in projects’ ERC-20 tokens. Starbase aims to develop a crowd sourced rating system to protect potential investors from low-viability projects. They also claim they have legal and tax partners who will encourage compliance among platform participants, though they have not identified them.

The ultimate goal of the project is to facilitate a more efficient allocation of capital among projects within the blockchain space. By using a decentralized infrastructure, participation and contributions can be made with minimal bureaucratic overhead.

Project Details

Incorporation status: Starbase PTE. LTD., Singapore, 2017. Swiss foundation under development
Team openness: Fully transparent
Blockchain Developer: Tomoaki Sato
Technical White Paper:      Yes
Available Project Code: Forks of Waves, Ethermint, and Minime
Prototype: Alpha version available online

Token Details

Role of token: Access, revenue-sharing and voting rights
Token supply: 1 Billion
Distributed in Sale:      125 Million
Emission rate: 2.5 % + 0.5% * (reward payouts/amount raised in token sale) per year
Blockchain: Ethereum

Sale Details

Sale period: July 30th, 2017
Price: Determined by final raise amount
Accepted currencies: BTC, ETH, USD and EUR (Fiat through BitcoinSuisse)
Investment Round: First public offering
Token distribution date:      After token sale ends
Min investment goal: $1.5 million
Max investment cap: $4.5 million
How are funds held: TBA
Minimum Viable Product: TBA
Bonus schedule:
Period     Bonus
Days 1-7           20%
Days 8-21           15%
Days 22-25           10%
Days 36-42            5%
Days 43-45            No bonus

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