Skincoin: A decentralized marketplace for monetizing in-game assets

SKINCOIN is a decentralized cryptocurrency for trading and making bets with game skins.

SKINCOIN is a decentralized cryptocurrency for trading and making bets with game skins. Skins are virtual items, such as customized avatars, weapons or ammunition that can be used in games like Counter Strike or Defense of the Ancients. Each skin has a certain value depending on the rarity of the object and the demand for it. Skins can also be used  to place bets on the outcomes of e-sports tournaments.

SKINCOIN (SKIN) tokens will be an Ethereum ERC20 token. In August 2017, the SKINCOIN exchange-platform will be launched,which will feature an exchange for trading skins and SKINCOINS. In the future, gambling websites will be able to use the API of the exchange platform to securely conduct settlements with SKINCOIN.   

SKINCOIN will be immediately integrated into the Steam Trade Network, Skinwin, and Case Club following the successful completion of the token sale.

Project Details

Incorporation status Unregistered
Team openness Detailed bios
Blockchain Developer Team has three developers
Technical White Paper Only non-technical White Paper
Available Project Code Not available
Prototype Not available

Token Details

Role of token Payment and access rights
Token supply 1 billion
Distributed in ICO 600 million
Emission rate No new coins created
Blockchain Ethereum
Consensus method Proof of Work

ICO Details

Sale period June 21st, 2017 to July 21st, 2017
First price 6000 SKIN per 1 ETH
Accepted currencies ETH
Investment Round First public offering
Token distribution date 42907
Min investment goal 10,000 ETH
Max investment cap 60,000 ETH
How are funds held Smart contract
Minimal Viable Product August 15th, 2017
Bonus schedule No Bonus

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