Santiment ICO: a crypto-market intelligence platform

Santiment is a crypto-market intelligence platform and trading terminal that discerns market sentiment among crypto-traders.

Update: Santiment raised its goal of 12,000 ETH or approximately $135,000 within hours of launching its pre-sale on Monday, February 13th (GMT).

Project Description

Would you like to know the emotions of the crowd, before they make your crypto-assets increase and drop in value? Santiment gives you that data. By incentivizing traders to systematically improve themselves with our tools, users contribute to a massive dataset that anyone on the Santiment network can purchase to know the precise sentiment of the crowd. –Santiment

Santiment is a crypto-market intelligence platform and trading terminal that discerns market sentiment among crypto-traders. Santiment provides a set of tools for traders to practice trading  in what they call crypto-financial games. This helps traders learn the tricks of market trading, practice new strategies, and earn rewards by making accurate predictions. Santiment will provide real-time market data and technical analysis tools to help traders both simulate trades and track their actual trading activity.

The platform will gather data from the simulations, actual trading behavior, and external sources to make sense of the market. Price behavior in crypto-markets is notoriously fickle, and Santiment believes it can use its tools to discern the “sentiment wave” wave of the market and help traders use it to their advantage.

The Santiment token (SNT) will be built on ethereum and will be used to purchase data and other services on the Santiment platform.

What is the token being sold?

The SNT token will be used as the sole means of payment on the platform. Traders on Santiment will be able to purchase crowd sentiment data from the platform. They will also be able to purchase private content developed by other traders on the platform.

SNT tokens are also awarded to participants in the platform who produce valuable market intelligence by playing crypto-financial games.

What are the sale terms?

Santiment is holding a pre-sale that will start February 11th, 2017 and last until February 25th, 2017. They plan to hold a full crowdsale this summer.

The presale aims to raise a minimum of 4,000 ETH and a maximum of 12,000 ETH. Funds will be used to create a prototype in advance of the broader crowdsale.

Presale participants will receive 54% more tokens than crowdsale participants relative to the amount they contribute: in other words, it is a 54% bonus.

What is the project status?

There are seven people on the team right now, plus other supporting participants. Having completed market analysis and early product design, they are now working to build the Santiment platform, including the following three elements.

  • Pulling Santiment data from various public sources
  • Analyzing them with machine-learning
  • Creating the Santiment network technologies (tools and smart contracts)

The purpose of the presale is to fund a minimal viable product operating on Ethereum. They are looking to partner with DEXs, a major German University researching blockchain technology, and other yet-unidentified crowd-analysis companies. Further information will be available when those partnerships are ready for presentation.

Who is the team behind the project?

The Santiment development team has auditable digital trail.

Founder Maksim Balashevich worked for IMB and co-founded his own hosting company.

Data Scientist Tzanko Matev has a PhD in Mathematics and experience working as a software developer.

More information about the other members of the Santiment team can be found on their website.

Official Resources

The quote above was taken from a private correspondence with the Santiment team.