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Mysterium Token Sale: A Decentralized VPN

The Mysterium Network will be a decentralized marketplace for VPN services built using Ethereum smart contracts.

Project Description

The Mysterium Network will be a decentralized  marketplace for VPN services built using Ethereum smart contracts. Users set up nodes to contribute computing resources to the network. In exchange they collect a fee from clients who agree to pay to use their network resources. Service matching between provider nodes and client nodes, payment service, identity management, and a database of account balances, available service providers, and registered identities are all executed on the Ethereum blockchain. The VPN services themselves are executed off-chain.

Mysterium raised about $100,000 dollars in a December, 2016 pre-sale. Since then, their team has grown from 3 full time employes to 8, they’ve launched a new website, released a detailed technical white paper, and developed an off-chain testnet of their VPN service for Linux users.

In the months following the token sale, Mysterium plans on developing clients and applications for additional operating systems (including mobile apps) and migrating service to the Ethereum network.

Project Details

Incorporation status: Foundation in Zug, Switzerland
Team openness: Detailed Bios, links to external profiles
Blockchain Developer: Paulius Mozuras
Technical White Paper:       Yes
Available Project Code: Yes
Prototype: Active testnet

Token Details

Role of token: Access rights
Token supply: 90 million
Distributed in ICO: 80 million
Emission rate: No new coins created
Blockchain: Ethereum
Consensus method:      Proof of Work

Sale Details

Sale period: May 30th, 2017 to June 13th, 2017
First price: 1 CHF:1.2 MYST
Accepted currencies: ETH
Investment Round: Second public offering
Token distribution date:  Immediately distributed
Min investment goal: 1 million CHF
Max investment cap: 6 million CHF Softcap
How are funds held: Smart contract
Minimum Viable Product:       Already released
Bonus:       20% before softcap reached

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