Monaco Token Sale: A crypto debit card for ETH and BTC

Monaco is joining TokenCard, Mycelium, and Plutus in the race to develop a crypto debit card.

Project Description

Monaco is joining TokenCard, Mycelium, and Plutus in the race to develop a crypto debit card.

The Monaco card will have a number of features:

  • Compatible with both Bitcoin and Ethereum
  • Payment through visa
  • Mobile app that provides real time price and conversion rate data
  • Free money transfers between users
  • Biometric identification
  • Free exchanges between USD and EUR

According to the founding team, payments made in BTC or ETH are converted to fiat for a 1 percent fee. All currency conversions are processed by Monaco. Monaco also covers Visa’s transaction fees. Transaction fees will form the basis of a cryptocurrency fund that will be used in a buyback program for the MCO token.

Project Details

Incorporation status: 2017 Monaco Technology GmbH
Team openness: Fully transparent
Blockchain Developer: Gary Or
Technical White Paper:      Yes
Available Project Code: Not available
Prototype: Not available

Token Details

Role of token: Holders are eligible for a token buyback program
Token supply: Proportional to raise amount
Distributed in ICO:        30 percent of total tokens created
Emission rate: No new coins created
Blockchain: Ethereum
Consensus method: Proof of work

Sale Details

Sale period: May 18th, 2017 to June 18th, 2017
First price: 50 percent bonus
Accepted currencies: ETH and ERC20 tokens
Investment Round: First public offering
Token distribution date: Immediately after sale
Min investment goal: 5,000 ETH
Max investment cap: 888,888 ETH
How are funds held: Token Market managed Escrow wallet
Minimum Viable Product:        September, 2017
Bonus schedule:
ETH Raised Bonus
 1-10,000       50%
10,001-30,000       40%
30,001-50,000       30%
50,001-75,000       20%
75,001-100,000       10%
 100,001-150,000       No Bonus
 7 day period       No Bonus

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