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MobileGo: A smart token for the Gamecredits ecosystem

Project Description

MobileGo is an extension of the Gamecredits gaming store and mobile platform. The MobileGo token will be issued simultaneously on the Ethereum network and the Waves platform. The addition of smart contract capability to the Gamecredits ecosystem will enable three decentralized mobile gaming products: (1) A virtual game content marketplace (2) Gamer to gamer match-play and wagering and (3) eTournament play.

The MobileGo token has several functions:

  • Allows users to act as witnesses in decentralized tournaments
  • Issues coupon reward discounts when using Gamecredits (GAME) to make purchases
  • Sole means of payment in a decentralized market for in-game assets
  • Token holders will be eligible to participate in a buyback program

Project Details

Identifiable Executive Team:      LinkedIn profiles, Public acknowledgements
Blockchain Developer: Bok Khoo
Technical White Paper: Yes
Available Project Code: Github account contains code for Gamecredits
Prototype: Gamecredits app live now on android and iOS

Token Details

Role of token: Contribution rights, payment rights and access rights
Token supply: 100 million each on Ethereum and Waves
Distributed in ICO:      70 million on each platform
Emission rate: No new coins created
Blockchain: Ethereum and Waves

ICO Details

Mainnet release date:MobileGo integration is scheduled to launch in the 4th quarter of 2017

Sale period: April 25th, 2017 to May 24th, 2017
Token distribution date: Several weeks after the crowdsale
Minimum investment goal:      None
Maximum investment cap: None
How are funds held: Multisignature Wallet
Mainnet release date: MobileGo integration is scheduled to launch in the 4th quarter of 2017

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