Lunyr Token Sale: A distributed knowledge-base built on Ethereum

Lunyr will be a digital knowledge-base, similar to Wikipedia, built on the Ethereum network.

Project Description

The Lunyr token sale is raising funds to launch a digital knowledge-base built on the Ethereum network. Similar to Wikipedia, Lunyr will leverage contributions from users to build up a decentralized encyclopedia; however, Lunyr will differ from Wikipedia in a number of ways. First, Lunyr will have an internal token economy designed to incentivise content producers and editors. Second, Lunyr will require content to undergo multiple peer review cycles before publication. Finally, Lunyr will sell space for text-only advertisements. Fifteen percent of the proceeds earned from advertisements will be distributed to the Lunyr foundation, the remaining 85% will be used to reward content producers.

Token Details

Role of token: Used as a means of payment and to reward content creation
Token supply: Proportionate to token sale participation
Distributed in Token sale:       78%
Emission rate: 3% annually
Consensus method: Ethereum

ICO Details

Sale period: March 29th, 2017 to April 26th, 2017
First price: 44 LUN per 1 ETH
Token distribution date:  Immediately distributed
Minimum investment goal:      25,000 ETH
Maximum investment cap: 250,000 ETH
How are funds held: Ethereum smart contract
Mainnet release date: Quarter one, 2018

Official Resources