Token Sale

Gilgam Token Sale: Console agnostic eSports platform on Ethereum

Project Description

Gilgam is platform for decentralized eSports tournament management on the Ethereum network. Gilgam proposes using an artificial intelligence to monitor tournaments and declare winners. The use of an AI to validate tournament results is a departure from previous blockchain eSport tournament networks such as First Blood, which canonizes tournament results with a network of user operated validator nodes.

It is unclear from the whitepaper how the AI will gather data from off chain sources, determine results, if it’s neural network will be hosted on or off chain, or even if it makes use of a neural network at all.

Project Details

Incorporation status Ltd, Malta, 2016
Team openness Detailed bios
Blockchain Developer Akos Gilkter
Technical White Paper Does not fully explain AI integration
Available Project Code Not available
Prototype Not available

Token Details

Role of token Payment rights
Token supply 130 million
Distributed in ICO 100 million
Emission rate No new coins created
Blockchain Ethereum
Consensus method Proof of Work

Sale Details

Sale period June 20th, 2017 to July 20th, 2017
First price 0.0013 ETH
Accepted currencies ETH
Investment Round First public offering
Token distribution date Right after purchase
Min investment goal None
Max investment cap Preportional to raise amount
How are funds held Smart contract
Minimal Viable Product Q4 2017
Bonus schedule
Period        GGS per ETH
 First hour        750
 First week        650
 Second week        600
 Third week        550
 Fourth week        500

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