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E4ROW: Ether for the rest of the world

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Project Description

Ether for the rest of the world (E4ROW) is a development firm dedicated to creating ether-based apps for the online and mobile gaming markets. Their first app is Uncle Finney’s Poker, an android player vs. player contest based on the game of five card draw. An live beta of Uncle Finney’s Poker is available for download now. At the time of writing it is processing about 100 games a day.

E4ROW developed an open source escrow contract that can be integrated in a variety of games. When players submit their bets, the escrow contract securely holds those funds until the end of the game, at which point it distributes them to the winner. The contract takes a 2 percent fee and distributes those proceeds to E4ROW token holders on a rolling basis.

Note: U.S. Residents and/or citizens are prohibited from participating in the token sale by E4ROW’s terms and conditions.    

Blockchain Gaming

Uncle Finny’s Poker will be the first real-time poker game with blockchain integration. Competing blockchain poker games are in development, such as Pokerum and Peerplays, but neither have released a usable game. Blockchain gaming platforms generally try to disrupt the traditional gambling industry in three ways: providing decentralized fund management, provably fair games, and profit sharing.

Uncle Finney’s Poker addresses those in the following ways.

  • Centralized game server: Uncle Finney’s Poker is executed on a traditional backend server. This enables real-time gameplay but also means that it isn’t “provably fair” in terms of code transparency. However, the escrow smart contract code for Uncle Finney’s Poker is fully auditable and the developers have gone to some lengths to ensure that users will be able to verify that cards are dealt randomly.
  • Decentralized fund management: User funds are managed by the E4ROW escrow smart contract. This is similar to the way other blockchain gambling platforms use smart contracts to build trustless systems.
  • Profit Sharing: The E4ROW escrow contract takes a 2 percent cut of all the funds it manages and distributes them on a rolling basis to E4ROW token holders.

Resolving game results

The backend server executing Uncle Finney’s poker communicates with the escrow contract by sending an ether transaction to the contract address with zero ETH.

  • At the start of the game, it sends the player’s wallet addresses and a unique game ID to the contract. The backend server also passes the game ID on to the players.
  • Throughout the course of the game, players use the game ID to send their bets to the contract.
  • At the end of the game, the server creates another ether transaction that tells the contract which player won the game. That’s when the contract awards the pot to the winner and credits the 2 percent escrow fee to the token holders.
  • In the event that the server cannot determine the winner of a game in a timely manner, the escrow contract distributes the bets back to the players.

Project Team

The team’s founder is David B. Rosen, a hardware and software engineer. He has a faint digital trail but he does holds several patents, including one on a robotic controller and a computerized verbalization system. There is also a reference to his robotic neurobiological work in a article about his father, Alan Rosen.

The development team has not been revealed.

Project Details

Identifiable Executive Team:     Detailed bio
Blockchain Developer:Unclear
Technical White Paper:Technical explanations on Medium blog
Available Project Code:Github account contains forks of Solidity and Bitshares in the
Prototype:Live beta

Token Details

Role of token:Profit sharing
Token supply:230,000
Distributed in ICO:     200,000
Emission rate:An amount equal to 15% of the tokens sold will be minted and held for developers

ICO Details

Sale period:May 2nd, 2017 to May 23rd, 2017.
First price:1 ETH per E4ROW token
Token distribution date:Distributed immediately
Minimum investment goal:5,000 ETH
Maximum investment cap:     200,000 ETH
How are funds held:In a smart contract with a refund condition*.
Mainnet release date:Uncle Finny’s Poker is already live

Official Resources


If Uncle Finny’s Poker fails to process 5,000 games in the first 90 days after the token sale, 90 percent of token sale funds will be returned to participants.

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