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CoinDash Token Sale: A Platform for Social Crypto-Trading

Smith + Crown previously and informally advised CoinDash. We do not have a financial relationship with CoinDash, and are not official or unofficial advisors in any capacity.

Update: The CoinDash sale was halted due to a website hack that displayed the wrong address. CoinDash has stated they will honor contributions with CDT.

CoinDash is developing a platform that will allow users to manage their investment portfolio and benchmark it against other traders and the market in general. The CoinDash platform is composed of three primary components:

  • A Software-as-a-Service layer that will provide an array of tools for managing crypto assets.
  • A social network that will allow users to follow and copy-trade top investors, help experienced investors monetize their knowledge by selling access to their investment decisions to others.
  • A marketplace that will feature​ real-time social trading signals, a token sale dashboard, trending assets, real-time market price tables and 3rd party integrations. Further, it will allow for users to trade directly on the platform

Social trading features and portfolio management are powered by Ethereum smart contracts. Data analytics/storage and asset exchange/order matching will take place off-chain.

CoinDash combines portfolio management tools and social-trading. It’s one of a couple projects trying to make crypto-trading more accessible and more social. Santiment is developing a crypto-trading terminal that uses data gathered from simulations, actual trading behavior, and external sources. Different from CoinDash, Santiment has a stronger emphasis on tracking market sentiments among crypto-traders. Another related project is Exscudo, a cryptocurrency exchange that will include analytic tools as well as social trading features. However, Exscudo does not mainly function as a portfolio management platform as CoinDash does. eToro–the CEO of which is on CoinDash’s board–has also introduced social trading with Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Project Details

Incorporation status Coin-Dash Ltd, Israel, 2017
Team openness Eli Sklar
Blockchain Developer Eli Sklar
Technical White Paper Non-technical white paper
Available Project Code Not avaliable
Prototype Public beta avaliable

Token Details

Role of token Access rights
Token supply 1 billion
Distributed in ICO 500 million
Emission rate No new coins created
Blockchain CoinDash currently supports Ethereum and RSK, but plans to support all Smart Contract Blockchains for social trading features.
Consensus method Proof of Work

ICO Details

Sale period June 17th, 2017 to August 1st, 2017
First price Unclear
Accepted currencies ETH
Investment Round First public offering
Token distribution date July 17th, 2017
Min investment goal None
Max investment cap 12 million USD
How are funds held Unclear
Minimal Viable Product Beta already live
Bonus schedule No Bonus

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July 11, 2017 at 7:47 am, Norbert K. Barigye said:

This is very innovative! Actually, this is very much needed as there are several crypto investors that lack effective tools for managing coins invested into.


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