Token Sale

BOScoin Token Sale: A decentralized contracting platform designed to be user friendly

Project Description

BOScoin will be a blockchain platform, similar to Ethereum, with contracts written in Web Ontology Language (OWL)–a programing language that is used frequently in academia and medicine as well as in the finance industry. BOScoin smart contracts, called ‘trust contracts’ will not be turing complete. The development team wanted to build a decentralized contract system that would be primarily used for financial transactions. OWL has several advantages for this use case:

  • Decidable: Trust contracts will be 100 percent decidable. Which means that there is less of a risk that capital will get locked up or mis-spent in a poorly designed contract.
  • Standardized: trust contracts will be based on a curated library of identities, providing a standard for how contracts are written.
  • Easily readable: trust contracts will be intelligible to a laymen user unfamiliar with programming.

Project Details

Incorporation status: BOScoin Foundation in Zug, Zwitzerland, 2017
Team openness: Detailed Bios
Blockchain Developer: Yezune Choi
Technical White Paper:      Yes
Available Project Code: Yes
Prototype: Wireframes available on website

Token Details

Role of token: Payment rights, voting rights, and block creation rights
Token supply: 5 billion
Distributed in ICO: 276,093,688.786
Emission rate: Supply increases to max after 100 years
Blockchain: BOScoin
Consensus method:      Federated Byzantine Fault Tolerance

Sale Details

Sale period: May 10th, 2017 to June 20th, 2017
Accepted currencies: BTC
Investment Round: Second public offering
Token distribution date: Distributed at blockchain launch
Min investment goal: None
Max investment cap: 6,902 BTC
How are funds held: Unclear
Minimum Viable Product:      Fall 2017

Official Resources

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November 19, 2017 at 9:30 am, david bedford said:

I love boscoin’s concept of running masternode, trust contracts and congress network. Token net has been released by boscoin team. You can see boscoin wallet balance and transactions on boscoin blockchain explorer


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