Apptrade token sale: A marketplace for investing in app development

Apptrade is an OpenLedger project that aims to build a marketplace for investing in apps.

Project Description

Apptrade is an OpenLedger project that aims to build a marketplace for investing in apps. App developers would use the network to connect with other developers, pool their apps together and create a federated public offering. Federated public offerings essentially operate like a fund, distributing dividends to investors from profits made from sales and royalties.

Investors would purchase unique meta-tokens from the app portfolios of their choice. Portfolio token holders earn dividends on a quarterly basis, paid out through a graphene smart contract in the form of Bitshares BTS.

The crowdsale involves the APPX Master Token, which represents a share in the Apptrade marketplace. Ten percent of profits made from every app portfolio on the network will be diverted to a Master Token fund which will be used in a system-wide buy back of Master Tokens one year after the network launches.

Token details

Role of token: APPX will represent rights to dividends.

Token Supply: Will be determined by the amount raised

Amount Distributed in ICO: 100%

Emission Rate: No more tokens will be created following the crowdsale.

Blockchain: Bitshares

Alpha release date: Late 2017

ICO details

Pre-sale period: February 12th 2017 to February 28th 2017

Sale period: Begins February 28th 2017

Token distribution date: Temporary tokens will be distributed once the sale ends which will be tradable for APPX tokens one year after platform launch.

Minimum Investment Goal: $1 Million

Maximum Investment Cap: $5 Million

Escrow: Yes, escrow services provided by BraveNewCoin

How to participate: Create an OpenLedger account and fill out this form to purchase APPX with a variety of crypto and fiat currencies.    

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