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Antshares (second) ICO

AntShares is holding its second ICO from August 8th to 12pm GMT September 7th.

The Antshares blockchain will be used to register digital assets. Asset owners can digitize many different types of assets, which then can be traded on the AntShares blockchain.

The team’s approach to asset registration involves tokenizing proofs of ownership over that asset, not trying to represent the asset itself through a token. In other words, a token on the Antshares blockchain represent a standard legal proof-of-ownership accepted in modern society rather than trying to substitute for it. They plan to list private company equities immediately on launching Antshares, with more companies to follow.

The crowdsale itself will involve buying Antshares (ANS). ANS will be one method of acquiring Antcoins (ANC), which are used to actually register assets. Both Antshares and Antcoins will be tradeable and Antshare holders will be able to acquire Antcoins through block creation.[1] More on the consensus protocol below.

This ICO has a unique refund feature. The BTC raised will go into a 2/3 multisig escrow account, and the development team won’t touch it until the Antshares chain is launched. At any point up until the launch of the final blockchain, participants can request to withdrawal their BTC. This will help investors who might feel trapped if more (or less) people invest than they initially thought.

Antshares held its first ICO back in October 2015. The ICO lasted for 10 days and raised 2,100 BTC.  Since then, they have grown from a team of 4 to a team of 12, and they still have funds left from that sale. The development team will also run a separate company call Onchain that will serve as a marketing and consulting entity for the Antshares chain. Anyone can use Antshares without Onchain, but they can provide support to entities who want assistance.

The code underlying Antshares was written from scratch and is the only blockchain based in China that started as open-source. The code is posted on GitHub, with the first commit posted May 2015.

Crowdsale Details

How are funds collected? Antshares will collect funds on its page Logging in will generate a private key which will be associated with the user and their distribution of Antshares. Funds will enter an escrow account until the Antshares mainnet launches, estimated for October 2016. The private key can be used to access the purchased Antshares at this time and begin trading them in October or November 2016.
Coin Distribution A total of 100 million ANS will ever be created. 17.5M were distributed in the first ICO. 22.5M will be involved in this ICO. 10M were distributed for early contributors, including the development team. 50M will be held in reserve for bounties and other strategic investments, to be distributed after one year at a maximum rate of 15M per year. They are not being held for the development team.
Escrow Used

Funds will be held in a multi-signature escrow managed by

Rate Funds will be distributed proportionally based on the total funds left once Antshares launched. This means the effective rate will not be determined until after the refund period is over.
Project Valuation Based on the 2100 BTC raised in October and the average October price ($265), the project is estimated at roughly $3.1 million. Based on average June price, this is $7.6 million. The second ICO is likely to change this valuation.
Currencies used BTC

How do the coins or tokens work?

How are they used? Antshares (ANS) are used to accumulate another token, ANC, which is used to register assets. ANS holders can also vote for nodes to confirm transactions.
What is the market for these coins? Tokens on the Antshares blockchain will represent ownership over assets.

Moreover, the blockchain is set up to support asset ownership transfer, which is more legally complicated than money transfer. The blockchain transaction is two-way: both sender and receiver sign electronic agreements signifying the transfer. This helps make the Antshares blockchain be compliant with existing regulations and not serve as an independent verification of ownership, but rather a seamless way to digitize and trade existing verifications of ownership.

For company equity registration, the Antshares blockchain will keep the information transparent, unchangeable and cheaper relative to existing methods.

The first asset to be registered on Antshares will be shares in Onchain, but they expect other companies to follow and other types of assets to be registered.

How are they produced? There will only ever be 100M ANS tokens. At launch, 50M will be distributed (40M between two ICOs and 10M for early contributors). ANC will be distributed during block confirmation. ANC are ‘burned’ when assets are registered and return to a pool. Only 100M ANC will be produced.

The consensus model is a Delegated Byzantine Fault Tolerance, which is similar to Delegated Proof-of-Stake Model. In Antshares, ANS holders will vote on trusted nodes who will confirm transactions.

Who is the team behind Antshares?

The team behind Antshares is very well known in the Chinese community. CEO Hongfei Da spoke at Bejing Blockchain Summit in 2016 and is a prominent spokesperson for the cryptocurrency community. Other members have been involved in various cryptocurrency projects.

Smith+Crown can confirm we have spoken with the team over the phone. They are excited about building bridges with a western audience. At time of writing, most of their materials are in Chinese, but they say they are actively translating them into English and setting up channels to communicate with English-speaking participants.

[Update: July 15, 2016] The Antshares team has launched several communication channels in English. See below:

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[1] The model is similar to Factom’s approach of having Factoids and Entry Credits. Antshares function similar to the former, Antcoins similar to the latter. The two differences are that Antshares aren’t used to buy Antcoins directly but instead earn them during the block creation process. The second key difference is that Antcoins will be tradeable.

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