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Adel Token Sale (ICO): Developing a Community Based Funding Platform

Adel is holding a token sale to fund a blockchain development investment fund, similar to the DAO.

Project Description

Adel aims to develop a distributed autonomous organization (DAO) that invests in new blockchain projects–similar to The DAO. They will be holding a series of three ICOs to fund three stages of development. In the first stage, Adel will focus on community building, establishing the DAO and its management, and developing a number of technical white papers outlining their funding strategy. In this stage, Adel will also release a prototype version of their community portal app.

What is the token being sold?

The Adelphoi token grants the holder a share in the Adel DAO. Shareholders have a vote in all DAO decisions proportional to the size of their Adelphoi holdings.

Over the course of three ICOs, 100 million Adelphoi tokens will be premined and distributed to ICO participants. 85% of the tokens will be reserved for ICO contributors. The remaining 15% will be distributed to the development team at a rate of 5 million tokens per ICO.

What are the sale terms?

In the first ICO, 33,333,333 Adelphoi Tokens will be released. Contributors can use BTC to buy Adelphoi tokens. Adel will also accept payments in other currencies through Shapeshift. During the first week, contributors will receive a 15% bonus. The bonus decreases by 5% each week until it falls to zero in the final week.

There is a minimum contribution amount (yet to be released) to participate in the ICO.

What is the project status?

At the time of writing, Adel has launched their website and a high-level explanation of their model. They plan on releasing more information about their DAO and their funding strategy in a series of future white papers.

Who is the team behind the project?

According to founder Michal Vavrek‘s Linkedin profile, he has 10 years experience working in finance.

  • He developed automated and semi-automated trading algorythmes for Dot Com broker FOREX.
  • He has 5 years of experience working as an auditor for several firms including Generali CEE.

We found the following external sources of information about Co-founder Gabriel Dusil

  • Linkedin: his profile includes more than 20 years of experience directing marketing, media, and outreach projects for tech companies including Motorola and VeriSign.
  • Currently, Gabriel is the CEO of the consulting firm Euro Tech Startup, whose website appears to be only partly functional.
  • Gabriel Dusil also manages an active professional blog.

Co-founder Jan Lamser is a leading advocate for Blockchain tech in eastern europe.

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