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Streamlined, Comprehensive and Intelligent ICO Dashboard

We’ve revamped our ICO dashboard and announcement page. Smith + Crown maintains a curated list of upcoming, ongoing, and past ICOs. The new ICO page features vital at-a-glance information about projects and links to in depth Smith + Crown analysis.

Smith + Crown has revamped our ICO dashboard page. We maintain a curated list of current and past ICOs with links to summaries and in-depth analysis. Our goal isn’t to recreate project white papers or the ICO announcements. We draw on independent research and interviews to provide potential investors with the essential information they need before deciding whether to invest. For now, we maintain the terminology of “ICOs,” though many projects call their sale events “token sales,” “crowdsales,” “donations,” “token swaps,” etc. At time of writing, “ICO” is just a moniker, not a legal designation.

Here’s what you need to know about the new ICO listing.

Overview + Assessment

Smith + Crown provides third-party, objective analysis of projects seeking to raise money. We don’t accept bounties or compensation for writing about or listing projects. We reach out to every team and consider every project based on its merit. Listing or research is not considered an endorsement.

Projects are evaluated for listing along multiple criteria. In general, we list ICOs that should raise the equivalent of $30,000 or are unique in some way. At time of writing, we are actively updating our list of past sales.

We provide summaries and commentary for select ICOs. In these, we evaluate project claims, explain core technical features or business strategies, and probe the assumptions that underlie the project and the sale terms. We eliminate marketing language and challenge arguments that aren’t sound or lack supporting data.

  • Profile: This indicates we have summarized the project and the sales terms in standardized language. We distill key information and explain as pithily as possible what the project is trying to accomplish.
  • Report: This indicates we researched the project in greater depth. We provide industry context, evaluated the economic logic behind the token itself, and comment (with back-up sources) on the product, team, and go-to-market strategy.

We are constantly iterating our methods and always open to suggestions.

ICO Attributes

Our new “attributes” feature provides at-a-glance information about these sales. These attributes should provide critical contextual information and help potential sale participants decide whether they want to learn more.

Detailed Founder Identities

Projects with this attribute provide detailed information about project leads with verifiable connections to off line identities. Projects that have anonymous or pseudonymous founders, or which make claims about founder qualifications or experience that can’t be independently verified, don’t qualify.

Code Available

Indicates that the project provides links to the code related to their product. This would include code related to token creation, a new consensus protocol, or new technical features. For projects launching meta-tokens or with proprietary codebases, it could indicate the smart contract code has been published. Ultimately, it means something is available for community review.

New Blockchain

Indicates that the project intends to launch a new blockchain as opposed to building on top of a pre-existing network. This attribute applies to the aim of the project, not necessarily the token being sold in the sale. Sometimes, ambitious projects will launch meta-tokens on existing chains that will be redeemable for tokens on the future chain.

Original Materials in Chinese

Increasingly, innovation in the blockchain space is originating from Chinese speaking countries. This attribute indicates that original materials for the project were written in Chinese. As a result, English language translations might be incomplete or of poor quality. We encourage readers to take translation errors for these projects with a grain of salt; such errors may not be a good indication of the project’s overall quality.

Our attribute list is a work in progress. If you have any suggestions or if there are any attributes you’d like to see on our ICO page, let us know.

Sale Statistics

We strive to provide real-time information about the sale itself. For now, this includes the price of a single token and the total amount raised.

  • Price: For past projects, this value is the ‘average price’ – the total number of tokens distributed to sale participants divided by the total amount raised. It does not include founder shares or reserved shares. We are developing ways to display this for live sales.
  • Amount raised: We calculate the amount raised based on the value of funds at the time of the sale’s end, using Smith + Crown market data. All non-BTC currencies are converted into BTC-equivalent values, then converted to USD. We are developing ways to display this for live sales.

If you spot errors in the data or have questions about our methods, let us know.