Looking For Exceptional Individuals 

The last year has been an exciting and dynamic time within the cryptofinancial industry. We have seen the industry and community move forward at an incredible speed as well as a dramatic increase in the need for high quality research and insights. At Smith + Crown, we have a number of new and existing projects and initiatives underway, and we are looking for people to help build the next generation of research, tools and economic models with us.

We are looking for exceptional individuals to join our team across a variety of roles, primarily in research, analysis and design of cryptoeconomic systems.

We are looking for senior researchers and analysts who will spend their time looking both at individual projects as well as macro trends within the industry and across the globe. We want to work with people who are inspired by the potential of public blockchain technologies and want to work with other professionals in understanding, evaluating, explaining, and designing cryptoeconomies. Our organization is unique in the time and resources that have we spent studying the breadth of the cryptofinancial industry. As such, we are looking for people who want to learn with us and push the boundaries of how blockchain and token systems work, how to build and optimize them, and how they develop moving forward–and would have fun doing it.

If this sounds like you, read more about what we look for here.

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