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IEX.EC ICO / Crowdsale: distributed cloud infrastructure for Dapps

Update: The crowdsale has been postponed till February/March. We will update the listing when the dates are settled.

Project Description is a blockchain-based distributed cloud computing platform built on Ethereum. The technology stack is designed to support live distributed applications. While they are building the infrastructure for desktop grid computing, they initially focus on leveraging an existing distributed cloud network in Stimergy, which installs server racks and energy recycling systems in buildings. will also build functionality for contributing and accessing off-chain resources, including data and services. The go-to-market strategy will focus on a product called E-Fast, a platform for complex financial calculations to support traders. The team includes researchers at institutions focused on large-scale distributed computing.

What is the token being sold?

The crowdsale will involve RLC tokens: the means of payment for application, server, and data providers.

What are the sale terms?

The price of RLC is 5,000 per 1 BTC contributed during the crowdsale. For the first 10 days of the sale, participants will be rewarded a 20% bonus. iExec’s minimum investment target is 3,000 BTC and the maximum is 12,000 BTC.

Participants send BTC to an Ethereum smart contract address which will pay out RLC when the sale ends. If fails to reach its 3,000 BTC funding goal, then crowdsale participants will receive a full refund.

Who is the team behind the project?

The team includes a number of international researchers steeped in the field of distributed computing and who would be familiar with the technologies that underpin it.

Gilles Fedak has been a researcher at INRIA (a France-based international research institution) for over ten years. He has authored a number of papers on distributed computing, including this paper on desktop computing in conjunction with IEX.EC co-founder Haiwu He and this paper in conjunction with IEX.EC technical lead Oleg Lodygensky. Dr. Haiwu works at CNIC in Beijing and Dr. Lodygensky works at LAL/CNRSMiceau Moca has also worked with Gilles at INRIA and actually wrote about E-Fast several years ago.

Blockchain development expertise appears to come from Hamid Ben and Mehdi Amari. Both are involved in a French accelerator La Javaness.

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