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Note: recently completed ICOs are listed here.

Name Report Description Attributes Start End Raised
1World Online (1WO)

Blockchain-powered engagement & monetization platform for publishers and brands.

Sep 7, 2017 Nov 6, 2017
2B4T (2B4T)

Blockchain-based DRM solution with generated events for user authentification. Without collecting and using user's personal data.

Aug 11, 2017 Oct 31, 2017
A-Token (ATKN)

A blockchain based crypto-index.

Oct 10, 2017 Dec 15, 2017

Advertising service targeted at crypto-rich companies launching projects on the blockchain.

Oct 23, 2017 Dec 25, 2017

A token for buying, selling, or donating augmented bionic limbs from decentralized labs.

Oct 1, 2017 Dec 1, 2017
Acebusters (NTZ)

A decentralized poker platform on the Ethereum blockchain.

Sep 21, 2017
Acuitty Global Services Exchange (ACT)

A global exchange for buying and selling a wide variety of services, beginning with a focus on the consulting and technology services market.

Sep 15, 2017 Nov 16, 2017
Adshares (ADST)

Adshares network is a decentralized marketplace for programmatic advertising.

Jul 7, 2017 Dec 31, 2018
Aeron (ARN)

Aeron’s solution relies on blockchain technology to track aircraft maintenance and pilot logs. This electronic logging system would enable pilots to have logs that can be verified online, making aviation safer for everyone involved.

Sep 19, 2017 Oct 23, 2017
Afterschool (AST)

Afterschool.ae is a 2 sided decentralize marketplace powered by ethereum blockchain that helps parents book activities for their children.

Sep 25, 2017 Oct 26, 2017
Aigang (AIG)

a blockchain protocol for digital insurance built on Ethereum.

Nov 15, 2017 Dec 15, 2017 --
AirToken (AIR)

Unlocking mobile internet accessibility.

Sep 19, 2017

Worldwide network of smart bio food restaurants utilizing blockchain technology.

Sep 30, 2017 Nov 10, 2017
Algo.land (PLM)

An autonomous algorithmic trading blockchain pool.

Nov 1, 2017 Dec 10, 2017
AmberPort.io (AMBR)

A chain of duty-free jewelry stores.

Sep 15, 2017 Dec 6, 2017

A stable JPY-pegged coin, based on Ethereum’s ERC 20 standard. Exact sales date TBA.

Sep 19, 2017 Sep 19, 2018
Anna (ANNA)

A smart mirror company seeking to integrate blockchain technology into their product.

Oct 10, 2017 Dec 1, 2017 --
Arena Space (ARE)

A virtual reality arcade franchise based in Russia that is launching a privileged payment token.

Sep 28, 2017 Dec 24, 2017
ARNA Panacea (ARNA)

Blockchain-ecosystem for healthcare and medical R&D.

Nov 19, 2017 Dec 3, 2017
ArtCoin Fund (ACF)

ArtCoin Fund is an investor driven collective motivated to democratize art investment.

Nov 1, 2017 Nov 15, 2017
Asset Token ERC20 (AST)

A transferable, decentralized credit card rewards point token.

Sep 1, 2017 Jan 1, 2018
Assistive Reality (ARX)

Startup combining Augmented Reality with Artificial Intelligence & Blockchain integration to create & distribute advanced enterprise Augmented Reality applications for use in government, corporate and education.

Sep 29, 2017

Tokenized real estate ownership and P2P rental platform.

Aug 1, 2017 Oct 31, 2017 --
Autonio (NIO)

A decentralized AI trading system.

Sep 22, 2017 Oct 22, 2017
Avalon Loans (AVL)

A decentralized peer-to-peer crypto-currency lending platform.

Oct 10, 2017 Nov 30, 2017
AxionV (AXION)

A crypto fund using complex trading methods applied to the cryptocurrency market.

Sep 16, 2017 Oct 30, 2017

Decentralized social network and trading platform built on Waves.

Aug 21, 2017 Jun 25, 2018
Bankera (BNK)

Digital bank offering deposit and payment solutions, loan services and investment products for both blockchain and fiat based assets.

Oct 1, 2017 Nov 1, 2017
Bankex (BKX)

A Proof-of-Asset Protocol that brings together Bank-as-a-Service and Blockchain technology to evolve capital markets. Tokenization of real-world and financial assets. Exact sales dates TBA.

Oct 16, 2017 Nov 16, 2017
Bannercoin (BCOIN)

A payment acceptance platform for web merchants that includes digital payments and traditional payment methods.

Sep 15, 2017 Oct 31, 2017
Baochain (BAO)

A decentralized eCommerce protocol.

Oct 9, 2017 Nov 6, 2017
BattleBall (BBC)

Blockchain application for gameified betting on sports events.

Oct 31, 2017 Nov 20, 2017 --
BBiller (BBR)

Double entry accounting and billing services on a blockchain for supply chains. Exact sales dates TBA.

Aug 14, 2017 Dec 31, 2017 --
BCShop.io (BCS)

A platform for selling digital products and services, based on smart-contracts on the Ethereum blockchain.

Oct 2, 2017 Dec 15, 2017 --
beeqb (BEQB)

A blockchain as a service provider offering tools for business management. Exact sales dates TBA.

Nov 1, 2017 Dec 31, 2017 --
BeeSocials (BEE)

A platform for connecting people to social events happening in nearby homes, and for leveraging Blockchain technology to reduce platform fees.

Nov 11, 2017 Dec 9, 2017
Bico (BICO)

An ICO funded book marketing itself as 'the ultimate guide for all the startups who want to raise fundings through ICO'.

Oct 20, 2017 Nov 20, 2017
Binary.com (BNRY)

The Binary.com tokens are convertible into securities of Binary Group Ltd. Exact sale dates TBA.

Nov 1, 2017 Nov 30, 2017
BioNT (BioNT)

Integrated – drug pricing and forecasting system through Blockchain incorporating a blockchain-based trading platform.

Aug 21, 2017 Oct 23, 2017
BitBoost (BBT)

Decentralized e-commerce marketplace built on Ethereum smart contracts.

Sep 18, 2017 Nov 10, 2017 --
BitDegree (EDU)

A Blockchain-powered online education platform with token scholarships & tech talent acquisition.

Dec 1, 2017 Dec 1, 2017
BitLifeAndTrust (BLT)

Decentralized peer to peer insurance built on Ethereum.

Sep 25, 2017 Oct 30, 2017
BitRent (RNT)

A blockchain platform for commercial real estate investing.

Dec 1, 2017 Mar 31, 2018
Blockchain Board of Derivatives (BBD)

Ethereum-based decentralized exchange for trading of cryptocurrency smart-derivatives-contracts.

Oct 1, 2017 Nov 1, 2017
Blockchain.aero (MFL)

A blockchain for the mass urban aviation market with a platform to tokenize aerial vehicles and infrastructure.

Jul 19, 2017 Oct 30, 2017
Blocklancer (LNC)

A so called Distributed Autonomous Job Market (DAJ) on the Ethereum platform.

Nov 21, 2017 Dec 21, 2017 --
Blockmason (BCPT)

A platform for the creation, storage, and tracking of debt and credit on Ethereum.

Oct 1, 2017 Oct 31, 2017
Blocksale (BOK)

A decentralized application network for accredited investors and ITOs built on the Ethereum blockchain. Blocksale will be the first AML KYC compliant ITO presale portal.

Sep 14, 2017 Dec 14, 2017
Bluzelle (BLZ)

A decentralized database for dApps. Exact sales dates TBA.

Nov 21, 2017 Dec 21, 2017

BMCHAIN is a decentralized platform of experience monetization giving users the possibilities of sharing experience, resources and knowledge by writing posts and commenting on the posts of others.

Sep 10, 2017 Dec 28, 2017
Bondkick Syndicate (XBK)

blockchain based hedged investing into assets.

Sep 8, 2017 Jan 15, 2018
Bonpay (BON)

A Blockchain powered wallet and debit card service for variety of cryptocurrencies.

Oct 17, 2017 Nov 14, 2017
Boosteroid (BTR)

A personal cloud computer available for everyone.

Oct 23, 2017 Nov 6, 2017
Boulè (BUO)

Boulé applies Blockchain technology to the political voting system, digitizing ballots, creating remote voting opportunities, and making the voting process cheaper, faster and safer.

Oct 25, 2017 Nov 25, 2017 $183,600

Investment project BREM (Blockchain Real Estate Market) of the international online service TheHome.today for selection, booking and conclusion of transactions in real estate using blockchain technology.

Nov 1, 2017 Dec 1, 2017
Brickblock (BBT)

A tool for traders and all other crypto currency holders who wish to diversify their Portfolio and hedge against volatility in cryptocurrencies.

Oct 11, 2017 Nov 8, 2017
Brifs (BRIF)

A discount gift card market and exchange powered by smart contracts.

Sep 20, 2017 Oct 29, 2017
Brisk Pass (BSK)

A blockchain based transportation pass. Exact sales dates TBA.

Oct 10, 2017 Dec 15, 2017
BurstIQ (BIQ)

A blockchain-based platform for secure health data exchange.

Sep 19, 2017 Oct 30, 2017 --
CamOnRoad (CAM)

The worldwide decentralized real time video logging system that allows drivers to make profit with every ride.

Oct 15, 2017 Nov 12, 2017
Capillar (CAP)

A logistics platform for large and small cargo transportation management.

Dec 15, 2017 Jan 15, 2018
Cappasity (ART)

Decentralized ecosystem to create, exchange and embed AR/VR/3D content.

Sep 27, 2017 Oct 25, 2017
CarTaxi (CTX)

A blockchain based decentralized platform, connecting all tow truck companies into one online network.

Aug 30, 2017 Oct 29, 2017
Cash Poker Pro (CASH)

A decentralized poker game built on Ethereum.

Oct 31, 2017 Nov 24, 2017 --
Cashaa Ltd. (CAS)

A tokenized platform for global forex and crypto trading.

Oct 31, 2017 Nov 30, 2017
CCCoin (CCC)

A cryptocurrency designed with charitable giving in mind. 75% of transaction fee proceeds will be distributed to major charities using a DAO voting model.

Sep 21, 2017 Oct 28, 2017 --

A crypto-currency payment platform. Exact sales dates TBA.

Aug 25, 2017 Oct 31, 2017
ChainTrade (CTC)

A blockchain-based platform to trade commodity derivatives.

Oct 9, 2017 Dec 31, 2017
Charg Coin (CHARG)

An Ethereum based P2P platform that connects electric vehicle drivers to a network of private and commercial charge station owners.

Nov 16, 2017 Jan 1, 2018
Chimaera (CHI)

A custom blockchain for hosting decentralized games.

Oct 16, 2017 Oct 23, 2017 --
Christ Coin (CCLC)

Christ Coin is a Christian Cryptocurrency used as a reward for people who read the bible, post/view content and interact with the community on the Life Change Platform.

Oct 2, 2017 Dec 1, 2017
ClearPoll (POLL)

ClearPoll offers social, public opinion polls on the blockchain with secure, unalterable results.

Sep 9, 2017 Oct 26, 2017
ClickAuto (ACT)

ClickAuto will facilitate the transfer of information to automakers, insurers, repair shops and drivers by adding vehicle history to the blockchain.

Aug 21, 2017 Jun 28, 2018

A blockchain based investment fund to buy companies that fight climate change with its products.

Nov 1, 2017 Dec 1, 2017
Climatecoin (CO2)

Tokenized venture capital fund targeting businesses working in the green economy.

Oct 23, 2017 Nov 1, 2017
CobaltCoin (CBC)

The world's only blockchain option for cobalt. CobaltCoin introduces crypto-currencies into the real sector of the economy and enables any person to become a co-owner of a large international mining enterprise producing high-tech products.

Aug 31, 2017 Nov 1, 2017

A zero trading fee cryptocurrency exchange.

Sep 13, 2017 Oct 22, 2017
CoinDrive (CDR)

A shared eWallet to store, trade and invest virtual assets, like ingame values.

Oct 30, 2017 Nov 13, 2017
CoinEquity (DCL)

A decentralized lending platform that connects lenders and borrowers through a smart contract.

Oct 1, 2017 Oct 31, 2017
CoinLoan (CLT)

Coinloan is a platform for loans secured by cryptoassets

Sep 29, 2017 Oct 25, 2017
CommerceBlock (CBT)

We are building the first technology platform to bring a combination of trust minimal trade, decentralized contract execution, on-chain derivatives and asset backed token issuance to public blockchains. Exact sales dates TBA.

Nov 1, 2017 Nov 30, 3017
Commodity & Holdings Exchange (CHX)

Modular marketplace software to power hard, soft and digital asset exchange platforms.

Aug 25, 2017 Oct 24, 2017
CopPay (COP)

A multi-cryptocurrency payment platform for businesses, consumers & community.

Oct 30, 2017 Nov 30, 2017

CPROP will become an integrated platform that enables property investors to research, transact with cryptocurrency, and reliably secure and record ownership of their domestic and international property investments remotely.

Oct 1, 2017 Oct 31, 2017
Credo (CRD)

Algorithm based payment processing on a blockchain.

Oct 2, 2017 Nov 2, 2017 --
Crowdholding (YUP)

Crowdholding is a decentralized open innovation platform that connects entrepreneurs and the crowd, allowing them to give feedback on products, services, and ideas in return for future revenue.

Nov 1, 2017 Dec 1, 2017
Crowdstart Capital (XSC)

Crowdstart Capital is a Blockchain technology accelerator specializing in catering to the needs of incumbent industries.

Nov 1, 2017 Nov 30, 2017
CrowdWiz (WIZ)

Democratize the investing process by eliminating intermediaries and placing the power and control into the hands of investors.

Oct 10, 2017 Oct 24, 2017
Cryder.io (CDT)

A decentralized taxi platform for freelance drivers.

Oct 20, 2017 Nov 3, 2017
Crypterium (CRPT)

A digital mobile cryptobank.

Oct 31, 2017 Jan 14, 2018
Cryptics Pre-sale (CRP)

Analytics Software for crypto-market based on artificial intelligence.

Oct 30, 2017 Nov 6, 2017
Crypto 20 (C20)

A tokenized index fund that will autonomously invest and rebalance a diverse portfolio of the top 20 cryptocurrencies by market capitalization.

Oct 7, 2017 Nov 30, 2017
Crypto Improvement Fund (CIF)

A cryptocurrency marketing project.

Oct 1, 2017 Jan 1, 2018
crypto.tickets (TKT)

Blockchain-based platform for ticket systems, which combines three basic products: Tickets Chain, Tickets Cloud and Tickets Wallet.

Oct 5, 2017 Nov 5, 2017
CryptoChip (CRC)

An Ethereum ERC20 token that aims to become a payment channel for vacation packages and gambling chips at major casinos.

Sep 29, 2017 Oct 29, 2017 --

Russia-based cryptocurrency mining project.

Oct 22, 2017 Nov 22, 2017
Cryptonetix (CNX)

Cryptonetix will be the foremost blockchain asset management, analytics, funding and educational platform for the burgeoning cryptocurrency markets.

Nov 15, 2017 Dec 31, 2017
Cryptopay (CPAY)

An all-in-one financial services platform that will allow users to save, trade, invest cryptocurrencies.

Sep 25, 2017 Oct 30, 2017
Cubiyan (CUB)

A digital currency backed by reserves of Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Oct 2, 2017 Nov 5, 2017
Customizable Basic Income (CBI)

A decentralized platform for direct giving.

Sep 29, 2017 Oct 29, 2017

An Ethereum-based independent ecosystem designed for carbon markets, societal costs mitigation instruments, including carbon compliance units’, carbon-offset credits, other environmental mitigation credits, environmental assets and liabilities.

Sep 11, 2017 Oct 31, 2017
DARFchain (DARF)

DARFchain is a distributed accounting, resource and financial system. Presale till 10/1.

Nov 1, 2017 Dec 12, 2017
Datum (DAT)

A personal data bank account powered by Ethereum, BigchainDB and IPFS.

Oct 29, 2017 Nov 29, 2017 --
Decentralize Escrow-ANTISCAM (DES)

A decentralized escrow marketplace for investors of projects wanting to control their invested funds.

Aug 27, 2017 Nov 21, 2017
DeckSwap (DEK)

A platform for players of online cardgames to buy and sell deck guides.

Oct 24, 2017 Nov 24, 2017
Demeter (DMT)

A decentralized ecosystem for tokenizing organic food production.

Sep 25, 2017 Oct 25, 2017 --
Dentacoin (DCN)

A set of decentralized software products for the dental industry. The first product will be a patient/doctor review service.

Oct 1, 2017 Oct 31, 2017 --
DigiPulse (DGT)

A platform for issuing blockchain-based wills for crypto-assets.

Oct 1, 2017 Oct 31, 2017 --
DigiPulse (DGPT)

Crypto Asset Inheritance Service

Oct 1, 2017 Oct 31, 2017
DisLedger (DCL)

A non-blockchain, distributed ledger architecture for high volume transactions and total privacy.

Sep 1, 2017 Oct 31, 2017 --
DMarket (DMT)

A decentralized marketplace to turn virtual game-items into tokenized commodities.

Nov 3, 2017 Nov 17, 2017 --
Doft (DFC)

A platform for peer-to-peer freight service.

Sep 29, 2017 Oct 27, 2017
Dogezer (DGZ)

Upwork + Github + GoogleDocs + Slack + ICO= Dogezer. A solution to collaboratively create commercial projects using project specific coins for financing.

Jan 15, 2018 Feb 15, 2018
Dome Platform (DME)

A blockchain based platform for p2p wifi sharing.

Oct 2, 2017 Nov 2, 2017
DreamTeam (DTT)

An e-sports and gaming recruitment and management network.

Nov 20, 2017 Nov 24, 2017
DS Plus (FPC)

A decentralized, Blockchain-based mobile marketing platform that uses PlusCoin, a new cryptocurrency.

Sep 10, 2017 Nov 10, 2017
Düber (DBR)

A token that incentivizes and improves information exchange in the cannabis community.

Oct 11, 2017 Dec 1, 2017

Business-focused billing and factoring operation.

Sep 9, 2017 Dec 1, 2017
Earth Token (ETN)

A blockchain based natural asset exchange.

Oct 23, 2017 Oct 30, 2017
EarthBank (ETH)

The Earth Dollar is the first currency on the Mother Earth Network, an inter-linked blockchain network, using bitcoin, Ethereum, and a new sovereign blockchain.

Oct 17, 2017 Nov 17, 2017

A software platform for building and managing small-to-medium sized cryptocurrency mining operations.

Aug 24, 2017 --
Eggs Datacenter (EGS)

A distributed data center for remote workspaces and internet connection. Exact sales dates TBA.

Oct 15, 2017 Jan 15, 2018
Electroneum (ETN)

A blockchain platform with a free iOS and Android app wallet.

Sep 14, 2017 Oct 31, 2017
Emphy.io (EPY)

Emphy is decentralized blockchain lodging ecosystem using smart contracts to provide a safer, faster and more affordable way to rent vacation properties.

Oct 7, 2017 Nov 5, 2017
EnLedger (EEC)

A blockchain asset running on EnergyChain designed to track a weighted index of real-world renewable energy markets.

Oct 1, 2017 Nov 10, 2017 --

EOS enables parallel processing of smart contracts and horizontal scalability allowing an estimated 100K transactions per second.

Jun 26, 2017 Jun 16, 2018 --
EthBooks (EBK)

Crypto-Centric eBook Store

Sep 18, 2017
Etherparty (FUEL)

A user friendly smart contract compiler.

Oct 1, 2017 Oct 29, 2017
EthLend (LEND)

A decentralized P2P lending platform built on top of the Ethereum Network.

Sep 25, 2017 Oct 25, 2017 --
ExHasta (EXH)

A decentralized innovation marketplace for high potential projects.

Oct 19, 2017 Nov 24, 2017
Exxor (EXX)

A distributed ledger for the Internet of Things.

Oct 12, 2017 Dec 30, 2017
EZMarket (EZM)

A marketplace based on blockchain technology.

Oct 14, 2017 Nov 25, 2017
Fidcom (FIDC)

Decentralized investment company in the sphere of crypto money and blockchain technology.

Sep 19, 2017 Nov 19, 2017
fidentiaX (FDX)

A marketplace for tradable insurance policies.

Nov 6, 2017 Dec 5, 2017 --
FinTab (FNT)

A cryptocurrency portfolio accounting system that analyzes the current state of your funds on various exchanges and e-wallets.

Oct 12, 2017 Nov 12, 2017
Fizcal (FIZ)

Fizcal brings accounting to the blockchain using Triple Entry Accounting.

Oct 4, 2017 Nov 4, 2017
Flipz (FLZ)

A smart e-commerce platform.

Oct 12, 2017 Nov 8, 2017 --
Fluence (FPT)

Fluence is the decentralized database which securely stores a structured data.

Oct 20, 2017 Nov 20, 2017 --
Flyp.me (FYP)

Flyp.me is building a rapid, private crypto exchange with 50% profit sharing.

Sep 28, 2017
Fujinto (NTO)

Fujinto provides an alternative payment method for transportation and accommodation booking websites that simplifies the booking process for both providers and consumers.

Aug 10, 2017 Nov 15, 2017
FundCoins (FND)

FundCoin (FND) is a blockchain-based private equity type project.

Sep 30, 2017 Oct 30, 2017 --
FundRequest (FND)

A platform for rewarding open-source contributions using Ethereum smart contracts.

Nov 20, 2017 Dec 1, 2017 --
FundRequest (FND)

A platform to fund and reward open source contributions.

Nov 20, 2017 Dec 1, 2017
Galactikka (GALA)

Social network for creative people with a decentralized marketplace for content creation, services and products.

Oct 9, 2017 Nov 9, 2017
Gatcoin (GAT)

Distributed retail shopping platform for mainstream enterprises.

Oct 18, 2017 Oct 25, 2017 --
Gaze Coin (GZE)

An advertising platform for monetizing VR.

Nov 13, 2017 Nov 27, 2017
GET-Protocol (GET)

The GET-protocol is a smart event ticketing protocol, created by GUTS Tickets an operational ticketing company with a blockchain based smart ticket application that is live and has a paying customer base.

Oct 31, 2017 Nov 14, 2017
Giga Giving (GC)

A blockchain platform for charitable giving.

Nov 15, 2017 Dec 20, 2017
Gimli (GIM)

Decentralized live stream bets and interactions.

Sep 18, 2017
Gizer (GZR)

Gizer is a platform for the global gaming community to network, form tournaments, and offer services to each other.

Oct 20, 2017 Nov 20, 2017
Gladius Network (GLA)

A decentralized DDoS mitigation and content delivery network & marketplace on the Ethereum blockchain.

Nov 1, 2017 Nov 30, 2017
Global Jobcoin (GJC)

A decentralized coin to pay for services related to employment.

Oct 28, 2017 Dec 6, 2017
GlobeTrotter Cryptocurrency Ecosystem (GTT)

The first system using three different tokens including the first truly stable cryptocurrency. We are aiming the travel market and introducing Smarter Contracts.

Oct 15, 2017 Oct 31, 2017
Globitex ICO (GBX)

An institutional grade global bitcoin spot and derivatives exchange, with standardized listing of exchange traded instruments in money markets, crypto-index futures and commodities.

Nov 8, 2017 Dec 7, 2017
Globus System (GLC)

Decentralized platform for providing logistics processes, transportation and acceleration of cargo transportation. Provides time savings and helps reduce costs

Sep 15, 2017 Nov 13, 2017
Gluon (GLU)

Gluon’s platform establishes an interconnected network of vehicles where individuals and businesses can be monitored, tracked, tuned, and diagnosed with issues.

Oct 20, 2017 Nov 20, 2017 --
Golden Fleece (GFL)

A crypto-mining data center based in Georgia along the coast of the Black Sea. 50 Percent of mining profits will be redistributed to token holders through a buyback mechanism.

Aug 15, 2017 Oct 31, 2017 --
Goldmint (MNT)

Blockchain based platform which operates gold-backed crypto assets.

Sep 20, 2017
Goodwill Protocol (GDWLL)

Creating a Goodwill Economy of Unlimited Resource Availability through Smart Contracts.

Sep 15, 2017 Oct 30, 2017
Gravel Coin (GRV)

A project for the issuance of a token based on the blockchain technology to finance the gravel production in Guinea (Conakry).

Nov 1, 2017 Dec 15, 2017
Greeneum Smart Energy Platform (G)

Decentralized energy market with predictive data analysis and machine learning.

Oct 26, 2017 Nov 15, 2017
GreenMed (GRMD)

GreenMed is an ERC-20 token-backed application enabling customers to purchase legal marijuana using their debit or credit cards.

Sep 4, 2017 Oct 30, 2017
Grid (GRID)

Energy platform and device that lets customers buy energy at wholesale prices.

Oct 30, 2017 Nov 30, 2017
Guaranteed Entrance Token ICO (ETH)

The GET-protocol is a smart event ticketing protocol, created by company with working smart ticketing application with paying customers.

Oct 16, 2017 Nov 16, 2017

An index fund management company for crypto-currencies.

Oct 5, 2017 Dec 29, 2017
Hacken (HKN)

First decentralized platform for cybersecurity professionals, featuring a bug-bounty marketplace and security-technology incubator programs.

Oct 31, 2017 Dec 1, 2017
Hagglin App (N/A)

P2P barter and logistics platform.

Oct 31, 2017 Nov 30, 2017
Hash Rush (RC)

Hash Rush is hash-powered real-time strategy game in which players can earn Rush Coin.

Sep 20, 2017
Hazza (HAZ)

Hazza is planning to migrate a functioning payments network onto the blockchain, creating an open access, global decentralized unified payments network.

Oct 3, 2017 Oct 31, 2017
Hearthy (HER)

A decentralized, open ecosystem to improve health care access. Exact sales dates TBA.

Dec 1, 2017 Dec 21, 2017
HomeToken (HOME)

Tokenized real estate fund, focused on rental properties in Asia.

Oct 1, 2017 Oct 31, 2017
Honestis Network (HNT)

Portable identity management on a new blockchain to be used in trade, eSignitures, and ID verification.

Sep 17, 2017 Nov 5, 2017 --
Horizon State (HST)

Blockchain-based governance and voting system.

Oct 16, 2017 Oct 30, 2017
Hut34 Project (ENT)

The Hut34 Project aims to provide the infrastructure to power an open market for the exchange of information, similar to Quora, using a distributed interbot network where data, information, and services can be exchanged and monetised fairly by all.

Nov 2, 2017 Dec 7, 2017 --
HydroMiner (H20)

Green mining in the Alps facilitated by hydro power stations and water-cooling technology for mining hardware.

Oct 18, 2017 Nov 7, 2017
iBuildApp Network (IBA)

A blockchain-based marketplace and platform for mobile advertising.

Oct 18, 2017 Nov 30, 2017
Ice Rock Mining (ROCK)

The most profitable mining in the world in COLD CAVE with unique natural characteristics.

Sep 25, 2017 Nov 7, 2017
Ignis (IGNIS)

Ignis will be the first child chain launched on the Ardor network. It will have all the well tested features of the NXT network as well as Ardor specific upgrades.

Aug 5, 2017 Nov 4, 2017 --

Blockchain redefining social service.

Sep 10, 2017 Nov 1, 2017
INS Ecosystem (INS)

A blockchain platform that enables consumers to buy groceries directly from manufacturers.

Nov 27, 2017 Dec 25, 2017
Instacoin (INC)

Instacoin - The world's first official lottery in the social network on the basis of blokchain.

Oct 1, 2017 Nov 1, 2017
Javvy Crypto Solution (JVY)

A crypto exchange with wallet solution (not web-based) that will support all expected operations for all major cryptocurrencies and tokens.

Nov 1, 2017 Nov 15, 2017
Jibrel Network (JNT)

The Jibrel Network facilitates tokenizing, exchanging and transacting using traditional real-world assets, such as bonds and currencies. Through the use of blockchain technology, Jibrel will be able to facilitate the listing, trading and digitisation of these assets.

Dec 4, 2017 Dec 27, 2017
Jincor (JCR)

Platform for constructing legally binding smart contracts, supported by a digital arbitration system.

Nov 15, 2017 Dec 30, 2017 --
jNet1 (JNT)

First international marketplace and jewelry business network.

Aug 16, 2017 Nov 16, 2017
Justmake (JM)

A decentralized person-to-person, person-to-business, and business-to-business ecosystem. Exact dates TBA.

Oct 6, 2017 Nov 4, 2017
KickCity (KCY)

A decentralized blockchain platform that focuses on connecting people around reward-based communities. Exact sales dates TBA.

Oct 26, 2017 Nov 29, 2017
KredX (KRT)

A multi-Blockchain multi-feature cryptocurrency DAPP platform.

Oct 4, 2017 Oct 3, 2018
Kript (KRPT)

A decentralized mobile app to invest in crypto assets built on Ethereum.

Oct 19, 2017 Nov 19, 2017
Kudos Project (KUDOS)

A protocol for tipping geared towards the service industry.

Oct 18, 2017 Nov 18, 2017
LakeBanker (BAC)

Blockchain-based banking project with a declared mission to make core banking services free, while delivering a full suite of low-priced financial services, including access to cryptocurrencies.

Aug 15, 2017 Oct 31, 2017
LaLa World (LALA)

A crypto and fiat wallet built on Ethereum and hyperledger.

Nov 1, 2017 Dec 15, 2017
Latium (LAT)

A microtasking platform connecting laborers and employers.

Oct 31, 2017 Nov 15, 2017 --
LevelNet (LVL)

A distributed cyber security platform.

Nov 1, 2017 Nov 30, 2017
Leverj (LEV)

A decentralized cryptocurrency futures exchange.

Nov 7, 2017 Dec 7, 2017

Instant asset liquidity through deployment of Crypto Currency Dispensers (ATM) in South East Asia.

Oct 22, 2017 Nov 30, 2017

Next-generation Blockchain real-estate platform which utilizes Ethereum smart contracts, combined with the latest in web development technology – aimed at improving the current state of the real-estate industry

Sep 7, 2017 Dec 1, 2017
LindaHealthCoin (LNDA)

A virtual medical assistant.

Nov 1, 2017 Dec 15, 2017
LinkerCoin Project (LNC)

A semi-decentralized cryptocurrency exchange.

Dec 31, 2017
Live Stars (LIVE)

Live Stars is new era live adult entertainment platform on blockchain.

Sep 21, 2017
LoanBit (LBT)

A lending and investment, multicurrency and multifunctional online platform based on blockchain technology.

Nov 13, 2017 Nov 13, 2017
Loci Coin (LOCI)

A visual searching tool for patents, designed to simplify the process of identifying patents and ideas. Exact dates TBA.

Oct 1, 2017 Oct 31, 2017 --
Lockchain (LOC)

Decentralized platform for booking hotels, apartments and villas.

Oct 3, 2017 Nov 29, 2017 --
LookRev (LOK)

A blockchain-based marketplace for creative products.

Sep 8, 2017 Dec 31, 2017
Lordmancer II (LC)

An open-world MMORPG on mobile where players can mine cryptocurrency.

Nov 7, 2017 Dec 20, 2017
LydianCoin (LYDN)

A marketing platform for token sale issuance events.

Oct 3, 2017 Nov 20, 2017
MaxiTube (TUBE)

A robotic transportation system that delivers goods directly to the consumer's fridge.

Nov 30, 2017 Dec 20, 2017
MediBond (MED)

A protocol for securely storing and exchanging medical data built on Ethereum.

Oct 20, 2017 Nov 20, 2017 --
Minerva (OWL)

The world's first reverse merchant processor.

Sep 1, 2017 Nov 9, 2017
Mingo (MGT)

A cryptocurrency tutor with multi-platform messenger.

Sep 25, 2017 Oct 23, 2017
Miniapps.pro (MAT)

MiniApps.pro is a chatbot platform and smart contract-based app marketplace comprising chatbot developers, their clients and partners. We make AI, Machine Learning, Blockchain and chatbot technologies affordable and ready to use for a broad market of small enterprises around the world.

Oct 18, 2017 Dec 19, 2017
Mirocana (MIRO)

Mirocana is a complex predicting system based on deep-learning neural nets that collect, store and analyse huge volumes of financial data. We created three investment products based on system's predictions for stock, currency and crypto-currency markets.

Nov 19, 2017 Dec 19, 2017
Mobius (MOBI)

Connecting billions of people, apps, & devices to the blockchain ecosystem—Stripe for Blockchain.

Nov 8, 2017 Nov 30, 2017
Modex (MDX)

An exchange platform for smart contract development and deployment.

Oct 8, 2017 Nov 7, 2017
ModulTrade (MTRC)

A user platform aiming to add trust
into the B2B trade cycle, simplify the execution of transactions, and decrease their costs. Exact sales dates TBA.

Nov 28, 2017 Jan 27, 2018
Monaize (MNZ)

An E-banking platform for freelancers and small businesses.

Nov 10, 2017 Dec 9, 2017

A Decentralized Blockchain Crypto-Assets Managing System.

Sep 20, 2017
Money Rebel Platform (MRP)

A mobile financial platform.

Nov 18, 2017 Nov 28, 2017
NaPoleonX (NPX)

Decentralized quantitative hedge fund offering a profit-sharing token. Exact sales dates TBA.

Nov 15, 2017 Nov 30, 2017 --
Nebeus (NBTK)

A blockchain based retail banking service.

Oct 9, 2017 Dec 21, 2017
Nitro (NOX)

A blockchain-powered platform to democratize the utility of the video-games economy.

Nov 7, 2017 Nov 21, 2017
Nousplatform (NOUS)

A platform that provides escrow, technical and legal framework for decentralized managed investment funds based on blockchain technology.

Oct 18, 2017 Dec 20, 2017
Open Longevity Project (YR)

Open Longevity is a project that organizes transparent clinical trials of aging therapies.

Sep 3, 2017 Dec 3, 2017
OpenMoney (OPEN)

Bringing Mainstream Software to the blockchain.

Oct 7, 2017 Nov 4, 2017
Opporty (OPP)

A decentralized service marketplace and self-regulated knowledge-sharing community platform. Offers blockchain-powered smart contracts and a decentralized Escrow system that put client-contractor relations on the blockchain.

Oct 19, 2017 Nov 24, 2017
OurCoin Classic (OCC)

A decentralized venture capital initiative intent on creating global green/ethical standards that promote green economic activity. OurCoin Classic works with NGOs and global entities to implement these standards via digital currency, whether crypto or fiat.

Aug 31, 2017 Dec 1, 2017
Pangea (PAT)

An in-app reputation token for contracting governance & services.

Nov 24, 2017 Dec 24, 2017
Papyrus (PRP)

Decentralized ecosystem for digital advertising.

Oct 12, 2017 Nov 2, 2017
Paycent (PYN)

Bridging the gap between fiat and cryptocurrency.

Oct 23, 2017 Nov 19, 2017
PayFair (PFR)

A decentralized escrow platform based on Ethereum.

Sep 1, 2017 Nov 30, 2017
PayperEx (PAX)

Decentralize the share market by creating an alternative trading network using blockchain technology.

Aug 21, 2017 Dec 19, 2017
PayPie (PPP)

A decentralized accounting platform built on the Ethereum blockchain.

Oct 15, 2017 Nov 12, 2017
Peerity (PEER)

Peerity is an activity network, built using the tendermint consensus engine. We incentivize activity that takes place within communities and reward users and communities for their activity with Peerity tokens.

Oct 15, 2017 Nov 15, 2017
Pindex Token Sale (PDI)

An arts and media platform utilizing blockchain technology to protect and manage intellectual property rights.

Oct 20, 2017 Jan 20, 2018
Playkey (PKT)

A decentralized cloud gaming platform for miners and gamers, based on P2P and blockchain technologies.

Nov 1, 2017 Dec 1, 2017
Plimst (PLM)

An ad platform on counterparty that seeks to provide Universal Basic Income for all internet users by monetizing their attention and personal data.

Oct 31, 2017 Nov 30, 2017 --
Ponsumer (PONS)

Automated purchasing service built on the blockchain.

Oct 1, 2017 Nov 15, 2017
Potentiam (PTM)

A decentralized and incentivized collaborative music ecosystem. Exact sales dates TBA.

Nov 10, 2017 Dec 11, 2017

Internet Bandwidth Marketplace powered by P2P VPN Network on Blockchain.

Oct 19, 2017 Nov 16, 2017
Proemtheus (PMTP)

The first decentralized email system that will detach email account from the provider and distribute it to the user.

Sep 25, 2017 Oct 22, 2017
Proof Suite (PRFT)

A diverse financial asset marketplace that leverages blockchain technology to track ownership records of market participants.

Nov 1, 2017 Dec 1, 2017

Blockchain-based property investment platform.

Sep 8, 2017 Oct 31, 2017
Prosense (VRP)

A decentralized platform for VR content distribution with intellectual property protection by blockchain technology, guaranteed confidentiality and a built-in payment mechanism.

Nov 3, 2017 Dec 28, 2017
Prosume Energy (PEF)

A platform for exchanging electricity, renewable, and fossil energy sources, and for connecting independent power producers, consumers, utility companies and energy communities in a locally shared market.

Jun 11, 2017 Dec 15, 2017
Providence Crypto Casino & Resort (PVE)

Providence is building the first fully​ ​cashless​ ​Crypto​ ​Casino​ ​&​ ​Resort​. Exact sales dates TBA.

Nov 1, 2017 Nov 30, 2017
Proxy (PRXY)

A mobile-based system that leverages NFC technology to act as 2-factor authorization of blockchain transactions.

Oct 23, 2017 Nov 3, 2017
Publica (PBL)

A blockchain platform for long-form publishing.

Oct 25, 2017 Nov 15, 2017
Pylon Network (PYLON)

A decentralized energy exchange platform powered by renewable energy.

Sep 25, 2017 Oct 25, 2017 --
qaazqaaz.com (ETH)

We make a P2P "AdWords" for the market of native advertising from opinion leaders.

Nov 30, 2017 Dec 10, 2017
Qchain (EQC)

A decentralized marketing and advertising platform built on the Ethereum and NEM blockchains.

Oct 24, 2017 Nov 24, 2017 --
Quoine’s Qash Token Sale (QASH)

A financial utility built for the Japan based QUOINE cryptoexchange.

Nov 21, 2017
Qvolta (QVT)

A P2P cryptocurrency-fiat exchanged platform built on Ethereum.

Oct 10, 2017 --
Rafl (RFL)

An online raffle utilizing smart contracts on the ethereum blockchain.

Nov 15, 2017 Dec 6, 2017
Raiden Network (RDN)

An off-chain scaling solution based on state channels compatible with ERC20 tokens.

Oct 18, 2017 Nov 18, 2017 --

Global Airbnb-like marketplace on cryptocurrency and smart contracts. Real estate listings and advertising.

Sep 7, 2017 Oct 31, 2017
Red Pulse (RPX)

Open research platform using cryptocurrency for fair and transparent compensation

Oct 8, 2017 Oct 31, 2017
Refereum (RFR)

A marketing platform for the gaming industry that rewards players for promoting games.

Nov 13, 2017 Dec 13, 2017
RefToken (RFR)

A decentralized marketing platform connecting businesses of all sizes with marketers all over the world on a pay-per-performance basis. RefToken democratizes global marketing campaigns.

Oct 2, 2017 Dec 17, 2017
REGA Risk Sharing (RST)

Decentralized insurance platform on Blockchain with scoring system and working MVP.

Oct 15, 2017 Nov 15, 2017

Digital tokens backed by specific real estate, with individual tokens linked to unique properties.

Oct 2, 2017 Oct 27, 2017 --

A distributed authentication protecting company’s data from cyber attacks while eliminating passwords.

Oct 15, 2017 Nov 15, 2017
Render Payment (RPM)

A cryptocurrency payment solution for high risk merchants.

Oct 15, 2017 Nov 30, 2017
Ret (HCT)

A decentralized real estate platform.

Oct 18, 2017 Oct 25, 2017
Rhea (REA)

Options trading platform built on Ethereum.

Oct 2, 2017 Oct 30, 2017
Rhovit (RBIT)

A hybrid cloud and blockchain digital content platform.

Nov 15, 2017 Dec 15, 2017

Charitable fund on a blockchain.

Sep 14, 2017 Nov 30, 2017 --
RigoBlock (GRG)

A decentralized hedge fund platform built on the Ethereum Blockchain where users can create and manage their own fund.

Jan 1, 2018 Jan 15, 2018 --
Ripio Credit Network (RCN)

A global credit network based on co-signed smart contracts.

Oct 17, 2017 Nov 10, 2017
Robot Vera (VERA)

AI robot-recruiter.

Oct 1, 2017 Oct 31, 2017
Rockchain (ROK)

Rockchain is building a data processing infrastructure. It wants to provide a distributed global infrastructure for data processing and highly configurable data access rights management.

Nov 1, 2017 Dec 1, 2017
Rocket ICO (ROCK)

RocketICO is the world’s first decentralized accelerator based on the DAO concept, an environment, where startups interact with experts and investors in an efficient and safe way in order to create projects and raise funds in cryptocurrency.

Oct 10, 2017 Nov 10, 2017
Rocket Pool (RPL)

Decentralized Ethereum proof of stake pool.

Sep 9, 2017 Oct 23, 2017
RootProject (ROOTS)

A crowdfunding platform for community based projects.

Nov 14, 2017 Nov 17, 2017 --
RxSmartCoffee (RXSC)

RXSC token is fuel for our online peer-2-peer networking marketing platform for global distribution of our national known blends: Gentlemen’s Blend, Thin Blend, Beautiful Mind, Heart Smart and Fresh Breeze.

Oct 6, 2017 Nov 6, 2017
ScriptDrop (AHC)

A token to incentivize patient medication adherence, through interactions with the app.

Nov 1, 2017 Nov 14, 2017
SelfPay (SXP)

Payment processing service that uses cryptocurrency to reward merchants and token holders.

Oct 3, 2017 Nov 2, 2017
Seratio Project (SER)

Seratio Token (SER) is the first issue of a resilient Ethereum token, compliant to UK regulatory frameworks.The unique feature of SER is the ability to capture the financial assets, microshares and provenance of transactions involving people, products, processes, projects and organizations.

Sep 15, 2017 Oct 31, 2017
SilentNotary (SNTR)

A platform combines blockchain technology and an ecosystem of experts to certify and authenticate data and communication. Exact dates TBA.

Oct 26, 2017 Nov 28, 2017 --
Simple Token (ST)

An ecosystem and software suite that lets mainstream consumer applications launch their own tokens. Presale underway.

Nov 14, 2017 Dec 14, 2017
SimplyVital Health (HLTH)

A decentralized solution for Healthcare that will allow the sharing, buying and selling of healthcare. Exact sale dates TBA.

Oct 28, 2017 Nov 30, 2017
Sinergia Blockchain (SNG)

A Latin America based blockchain lab.

Oct 25, 2017 Nov 29, 2017
Skrilla Token Sale (SKR)

ERC20 token with a primary purpose to act as the central unit of exchange for Skrilla esports wagering products.

Oct 20, 2017 Nov 20, 2017
Smart Identity Token Sale (ATHAU)

AuthenticID is an identity platform to help people curate and protect their identity and privacy, while enabling others to authenticate identities for wide range of purposes. AuthenticID's platform supports on and off blockchain transactions and has centralized and decentralized elements.

Oct 31, 2017 Nov 29, 2017
SmartOne (LGL)

A marketplace for legal advice, automated document preparation and individual legal consulting.

Oct 30, 2017 Nov 14, 2017 --
SmartProgress (SMC)

A social app for setting goals with cyrpocurrency rewards.

Oct 22, 2017 Nov 22, 2017

A blockchain-based SMS gateway platform.

Oct 2, 2017 Oct 27, 2017 --
Snip (SNP)

A decentralized news platform built on Ethereum.

Sep 29, 2017 Oct 28, 2017
Snovio (SNOV)

Snovio is a lead generation project using blockchain technology.

Oct 31, 2017 Nov 30, 2017
Solve.Care (CAN)

A platform for decentralized administration and coordination of healthcare, based on blockchain and distributed computing.

Sep 25, 2017 Oct 27, 2017

A decentralized peer to peer marketplace with a social media layer.

Sep 26, 2017 Oct 26, 2017
Sosnovkino (SNK)

A tokenized land development venture based in Russia.

Jul 26, 2017 Nov 4, 2017 --
SpaceICO (SIO)

Crowdsale platform with 90% profits sharing among token holders.

Oct 15, 2017 Dec 30, 2017
Sparc (SPARC)

A web-based protocol for computational resources. It is powered by individuals with idle computer power earning rewards.

Oct 1, 2017 Oct 30, 2017
Sparkle Coin (SPRK)

A diamond-backed cryptocurrency complete with an economic ecosphere for product purchases and liquidity

Sep 20, 2017
Spectiv (SIG)

A virtual reality streaming platform driven by an ERC20 token that utilizes attention markets to support growth in the VR industry.

Dec 8, 2017 Dec 29, 2017 --
Spectre (SPEC)

SPECTRE (short for Speculative Tokenized Trading Exchange) is a brokerless, financial trading platform

Nov 17, 2017 Dec 10, 2017
SportyFi (SPF)

Decentralized sports investment & funding ecosystem.

Nov 14, 2017 Dec 1, 2017 --
Spotree (SPT)

Spotree is a cybersecurity company that aims to secure and simplify user access to servers, devices, and other resources.

Sep 11, 2017 Dec 31, 2017
SqPay (SQP)

Blockchain based commercial real estate investing platform.

Nov 2, 2017 Nov 30, 2017
SRG-Play & Earn (SRG)

SRG is creating a Blockchain based gaming loyalty platform.

Oct 4, 2017 Nov 4, 2017

The STK token will enable real time point of sale (POS) transactions directly from users’ private cryptocurrency wallets.

Oct 30, 2017 Nov 24, 2017 --

A next generation cryptocurrency that provides instantaneous transactions, 80 bitcoin transaction capacity and superior privacy using zero knowledge cryptography.

Sep 24, 2017 Dec 12, 2017
Stater (STAT)

A crypto market network.

Oct 14, 2017 Nov 14, 2017
Stayawhile (STAY)

A blockchain-backed platform for the apartment rental industry.

Nov 9, 2017 Dec 11, 2017
StockBet (XSB)

A blockchain based stock market betting games.

Oct 29, 2017 Jan 31, 2018
StreamSpace (SSH)

A network that will link creative, independent filmmakers with consumers.

Oct 23, 2017 Nov 23, 2017 --
STRIM Network (STR)

A decentralized network for P2P Live video streaming and IoT location-based sensor mining.

Oct 5, 2017 Nov 10, 2017
Swarm Market (NCT)

Swarm is the a decentralized threat intelligence market.

Oct 30, 2017 Nov 30, 2017
SwissBorg (CHSB)

A smart contract banking platform.

Nov 21, 2017 Dec 19, 2017
Synapse (SYN)

Synapse is a marketplace for creating, sharing, and monetizing deterministic oracles from data feeds for use in smart contracts. Exact sale dates TBA.

Oct 1, 2017 Nov 1, 2017
Synapse (SYN)

Synapse is creating a decentralized data and machine learning marketplace and exchange. This will allow anyone to contribute data, train machine learning models, and be compensated for both.

Nov 21, 2017
SynchroLife (SYC)

A decentralized restaurant recommendation platform, providing trustworthy restaurant recommendations and connecting users and restaurants with token-based rewards.

Sep 22, 2017 --
Synthium Health TGE (SHP)

Supply chain platform for the healthcare industry.

Oct 19, 2017 Oct 26, 2017
TableCoin (TAC)

A Blockchain based mobile app for connecting restaurants with foodies.

Oct 12, 2017 Jan 2, 2018
The Deep (DEEP)

A decentralized, immersive world that is part social platform, part game.

Sep 15, 2017 Dec 15, 2017
The Memessenger (MET)

A picture (meme) and audio only mobile messenger app.

Jul 25, 2017 Apr 25, 2018 --
The Rouge Project (RGE)

A blockchain coupon platform on top of Ethereum.

Oct 25, 2017 Oct 25, 2019
Tmrrw (T)

Real world, blockchain based, livable ecosystem.

Sep 27, 2017 Oct 27, 2017
Tokenlab (LAB)

A token creation and ICO management platform.

Oct 1, 2017 Dec 31, 2017 --
TokenStars (ACE)

Provides funding, promotion resources to rising tennis stars by decentralizing the sports talent management industry.

Sep 10, 2017 Oct 31, 2017 --
TriForce Tokens (TFT)

TriForce is developing a decentralized community gaming platform and network built on Ethereum.

Oct 11, 2017 Dec 16, 2017

U.CASH enables conversion between fiat and cryptocurrencies through retail locations.

Sep 8, 2017 Nov 11, 2017 --
Udiar (IAR)

Blockchain-based copyright depository and marketplace for intellectual property turnover.

Sep 20, 2017 Nov 19, 2017
UnikoinGold (UKG)

A token for legal and licensed betting on e-sports matches and tournaments built on Ethereum.

Sep 23, 2017 Oct 23, 2017
UnitLife (ULT)

A platform that utilizes Blockchain technology and is equipped with tools devised for disabled users, instruments for organizational marketing, and its own Marketplace Union-Market.

Aug 23, 2017 Nov 25, 2017
Unolabo Skillmarket (UNLB)

A Decentralized P2P-platform for the gig economy built on Ethereum.

Sep 4, 2017 Nov 20, 2017 --
Uptoken (UP)

A Crypto ATM on every corner.

Oct 16, 2017 Oct 27, 2017
UQUID Eco System (UQC)

Direct Altcoin ecommerce purchase, with more than 90 coins.

Oct 2, 2017 Nov 7, 2017

UTRUST is a payment platform that empowers buyers to securely pay with their favorite cryptocurrencies.

Aug 28, 2017 Nov 9, 2017
Valus (VLS)

A Blockchain connection between trademarks, retailers and customers,

Oct 13, 2017 Nov 10, 2017
Ventured Network (VCN)

A network with a smart contract layer that enables projects to hire talent and raise money.

Nov 10, 2017 Dec 10, 2017 --
Ventureon (VNN)

Ventureon (VNN) is a token, created by Hypercube Ventures for start-ups financing.

Sep 26, 2017 Oct 26, 2017
Verif-y (VFY)

A commercially available credential and employment verification program that is developing a blockchain based identity management tool.

Oct 25, 2017 Nov 30, 2017
VerifyUnion (UC)

A decentralized platform for Digital Identification and Trust Verification with a Social Scoring Engine.

Oct 3, 2017 Nov 3, 2017
Vista Fintech (VTA)

Asset backed token creation and trading platform on Etheruem.

Jul 31, 2017 Nov 2, 2017 --
Votes (VOTES)

A platform for democratic elections and transparent surveys.

Oct 3, 2017 Nov 3, 2017
Vrcoin (VRC)

Decentralized platform for VR gaming.

Nov 20, 2017 Dec 20, 2017
VuePay (VUP)

VuePay is a peer-to-peer platform where advertisers can directly target potential customers using demographics variables such as age range, gender, parental status, household income, address, place of birth, level of education, etc.

Nov 20, 2017
Wala (DALA)

A financial platform that allows users to perform various secure transactions from their phones.

Oct 25, 2017 Oct 31, 2017
WandX (Wand)

Enables creation and trade in portfolios of ERC20 tokens through smart contracts.

Oct 22, 2017 Nov 22, 2017
WePower (WPR)

A blockchain-based green energy finance and trading platform.

Sep 20, 2017
WildCrypto (WILD)

An open and auditable eGaming platform.

Sep 5, 2017 Nov 11, 2017 --
Winding Tree (LIF)

A decentralized platform for travel distribution.

Nov 1, 2017 Nov 15, 2017
Wireline (WRL)

Open-source developer fund, which will invest in people and projects building cloud-based microservices.

Oct 16, 2017 Jan 15, 2018
Wishfinance (WISH)

Wish Finance's token is convertible into company's equity after the ICO anytime at request of the owner.

Oct 2, 2017 Oct 30, 2017
Wolk (WOLK)

Decentralized content and data marketplace built on Ethereum and SWARM.

Oct 15, 2017 Oct 31, 2017 --
Wordcoin (WORD)

A decentralized platform for copywriting, translation, SSM, SERM and ORM services built on Etherium.

Sep 17, 2017 Nov 7, 2017
Worldcore (ETH)

Multi-currency e-wallet provider with merchant/consumer payment processing solutions.

Oct 14, 2017 Nov 14, 2017
Worldwide Asset eXchange (WAX)

With WAX, millions of individuals can create new businesses based on their passion for video games offering buy, sell, rent, or trade capabilities to their social networks, extending the market far beyond what it is today.

Oct 10, 2017 Nov 8, 2017
Wysker (WYS)

Blockchain-powered mobile shopping.

Nov 1, 2017 Dec 1, 2017

The "X Real Estate Development" project (XRED) aims to develop a technological and organizational model for the real estate development market based on blockchain technology.

Nov 1, 2017 Dec 15, 2017
Xronos (XPO)

Implements a self-optimizing cryptoasset basket to create a stable currency for store-of-value and medium-of-exchange use case enhancements over other cryptocurrencies.

Sep 21, 2017
Zap (ZAP)

A suite of tools for creating smart contract oracles and a marketplace to find and subscribe to oraclized data feeds.

Nov 20, 2017
Zenome (ZNA)

An economic ecosystem based on genomic data and blockchain.

Oct 17, 2017 Oct 24, 2017
Zephyr (ZEPH)

A reward token for incentivizing participation in the Bitspark remittance network.

Oct 6, 2017 Nov 6, 2017
Zeus (ZET)

A crypto mining farm powered by a waste methane power plant.

Oct 1, 2017 Oct 31, 2017

An app featuring one-click purchasing for ICO's.

Sep 26, 2017 Dec 1, 2017


Ongoing ICOs can be found here.

Name Report Description Attributes Start End Raised
0x (ZRX)

0x is a cryptoeconomic protocol that facilitates peer-to-peer exchange of Ethereum-based assets.

Aug 15, 2017 Aug 16, 2017 $24,000,000
21 Million (21M)

21 Million is holding a token sale to fund an independent documentary mini series following the rise of bitcoin.

Jun 12, 2017 Jun 28, 2017 --
8 Circuit Studios (8BT)

A game development ecosystem powered by an ERC20 token.

Jul 17, 2017 Aug 18, 2017 --
Jul 18, 2017 Aug 1, 2017 --
Adel (ADL)

A distributed autonomous organization (DAO) that invests in new blockchain projects–similar to The DAO.

May 1, 2017 Jun 1, 2017 --

AERO Token: Enabling the drone superhighway using the blockchain: the AERO Network maps flight routes, reserves airspace Right-of-Way and compensates airspace grantors.

Sep 25, 2017 Oct 17, 2017
Aeternity (XAE)

A smart contract platform that stores contracts off chain to increase efficiency. Aeternity uses a native oracle machine to read off chain data.

Apr 3, 2017 Apr 6, 2017 --
Aeternity (XAE)

Second public offering for Aeternity, a smart contract platform with state chains and a native oracle machine.

May 29, 2017 Jun 9, 2017 --
Agrello (DLT)

Legally binding smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain.

Jul 16, 2017 Aug 17, 2017 $30,000,000
Ahoolee ICO (AHT)

A search engine dedicated to online shopping.

Aug 28, 2017 Sep 12, 2017 --
Aion (AION)

A multi-tier blockchain system designed to address unsolved questions of scalability, privacy, and interoperability in blockchain networks

Oct 3, 2017 Oct 10, 2017
Air (XID)

A platform for the management and monetization of digital identities.

Jun 1, 2017 Jun 29, 2017 --
Aira (AIR)

AIRA (Autonomous Intelligent Robot Agent) is a protocol for human-bot and bot-bot communication on the Ethereum blockchain.

May 25, 2017 Jun 11, 2017 --
AirSwap (AST)

A peer-to-peer protocol for trading Ethereum tokens.

Oct 10, 2017 Oct 11, 2017 $36,500,0000
Airtoken (AIR)

Airtoken is a advertising project where mobile users receive credits for ads displayed on their devices.

Sep 19, 2017 Oct 19, 2017
Ambrosus (AMB)

combines sensors and blockchain technology to track shipments and quality assurance of consumer products.

Sep 13, 2017 Oct 11, 2017 --
Ammbr (AMMBR)

Tokenizing broadband access utilizing a wireless mesh network built on blockchain.

Sep 5, 2017 Oct 4, 2017
Anacoin (ANAT)

A decentralized knowledge base for ideologies run on the ethereum platform.

Sep 18, 2017 Oct 16, 2017
Anryze (RYZ)

Anryze is a peer-to-peer distributed computing network for speech recognition and neural network education.

Sep 12, 2017 Oct 12, 2017 --
Appetissimo (AMO)

A community-driven mobile apps and games development platform.

Aug 14, 2017 Aug 28, 2017 --
Apptrade (APPX)

A marketplace for investing in app portfolio funds.

Feb 28, 2017 Apr 30, 2017 --
Aragon (ANT)

Create and manage decentralized organizations in a decentralized jurisdiction.

May 17, 2017 May 17, 2017 $24,750,000
Ark (ARK)

A Lisk-forked cryptocurrency that will support cross blockchain communication.

Nov 7, 2016 Dec 11, 2016 $1,000,000
ARNA Panacea: Presale (ARNA)

Blockchain-ecosystem for healthcare and medical R&D

Sep 21, 2017 Oct 7, 2017
ATBcoin (ATB)

A cryptocurrency designed to deliver fast, secure and near-zero cost payments to anyone in the world.

Jun 12, 2017 Sep 15, 2017 $24,205,000
Auctus (AUC)

Smart Contract Powered Pension Funds

Oct 3, 2017 Oct 6, 2017
Augmentors (DBT)

An augmented reality creature fighting game built on the Bitcoin network.

Jan 31, 2017 Mar 1, 2017 $1,087,000
Aventus (AVT)

An Ethereum based open standard for the exchange of event tickets built on the blockchain. Sale delayed to late Aug, then revised to early September.

Sep 6, 2017 Sep 12, 2017 $18,000,000
Back to Earth (SRC)

Immersive entertainment that can be enhanced by spending cryptographic tokens.

Apr 26, 2017 Apr 28, 2017 $971,250
Bancor Protocol (BANCOR)

Ethereum-based token conversion protocol that uses reserve tokens to support trading liquidity and to back the creation of new tokens. Exact sale dates TBA.

Jun 12, 2017 Jun 12, 2017 $153,000,000
Basic Attention Token (BAT)

Basic Attention Token will be the unit of exchange in a blockchain-based digital advertising platform built on top of the Brave Browser.

May 31, 2017 May 31, 2017 --
Belrium (BET)

A KYC based blockchain.

Sep 8, 2017 Oct 8, 2017
BeOne (B1)

BeOne is an innovative decentralized online education platform that enables users to make money by sharing skills, knowledge and experience.

Aug 28, 2017 Oct 8, 2017
Betmaster (BETM)

Betmaster is an innovative online sports betting platform.

Sep 6, 2017 Oct 5, 2017
BidLend (BLC)

A peer to peer personal loan auction platform built on the Ethereum network. Sale appears to be canceled.

May 20, 2017 Jun 14, 2017 --
BitBounce (CREDO)

A crypto-token based spam solution for email.

Jul 26, 2017 Aug 30, 2017 $11,330,707
BitClave – presale (CAT)

Decentralized search engine enabling direct customer-to-business interactions.

Jul 25, 2017 Aug 1, 2017 $15,000,000
BitcoinGrowthFund (MCAP)

The BitcoinGrowthFund is launching an ERC20 token that represents profits from a cryptocurrency mining fund.

Apr 27, 2017 May 17, 2017 --
BitDice Casino (CSNO)

An existing cryptocurrency casino that is issuing a profit-sharing ERC20 token.

Aug 15, 2017 Sep 15, 2017 $8,748,793
BitIndia (BIT)

A Wallet and Cryptocurrency Exchange focused on the Indian market.

Sep 11, 2017 Oct 11, 2017
BitJob (STU)

A decentralized marketplace on the Ethereum that connects students seeking short-term jobs with employers.

Sep 12, 2017 Oct 12, 2017 --
Bitpoker (CHIP)

A decentralized, online poker platform.

Sep 5, 2017 Oct 5, 2017
Bitquence (BQX)

A secure, universal mobile wallet with one-click diversification and liquidity layer.

Jun 28, 2017 Jul 16, 2017 --
Blackmoon Crypto (BMC)
Full Report

A platform for asset managers to create and manage tokenized funds.

Sep 12, 2017 Sep 13, 2017 $30,000,000
BlockCAT (CAT)

A way for non-programmers to deploy smart contracts using a visual interface.

Jul 15, 2017 Aug 14, 2017 --
Blockchain Capital (BCAP)

Tokenized Blockchain venture capital fund.

Apr 10, 2017 Apr 10, 2017 --
BlockRx (BRX)

An incentivized network built on Sawtooth for participants of the pharmaceutical supply chain to share and exchange data.

Sep 21, 2017 Oct 19, 2017

The BLOCKv platform enables the creation of smart digital objects on blockchains unlocking the potential to engage end-users and traverse digital and real-world environments.

Oct 12, 2017 Oct 16, 2017
BOScoin (BOS)

A platform for the creation of smart contracts with a democratic DAO governance model.

May 9, 2017 May 10, 2017 --
Centra (CTR)

A multi-token crypto debit card with 0% fees. The team plans to launch a digital marketplace for consumer goods.

Aug 5, 2017 Oct 5, 2017 --
Chain of Points (POINTS)

An Ethereum-based platform for creating and managing loyalty rewards programs.

Feb 26, 2017 Mar 31, 2017 --
Change Bank (CAG)

Decentralized CryptoBank.

Sep 16, 2017 Oct 16, 2017 $15,697,673
Chronobank (LH)
Full Report

A platform for people to buy and sell labor. Labor Hour tokens (LH) are backed by people-hours.

Dec 15, 2016 Feb 14, 2017 $5,400,000
ChronoLogic (DAY)

An ERC20 token with a time-based minting protocol. DAY tokens serve as a proof of time's passage.

Aug 28, 2017 Sep 4, 2017 $8,256,637
Cindicator (CND)

A platform for asset management powered by arbitrage bots and sentiment analysis.

Sep 12, 2017 Sep 28, 2017 $15,000,000
Civic (CVC)

On-demand, secure and low-cost access to identity verification via the blockchain.

Jun 21, 2017 Jun 22, 2017 --
Cloud Token (CLD)

A decentralized, peer-to-peer Cloud on which users can find discounted cloud applications and get paid for hosting them.

Jul 25, 2017 Sep 21, 2017 --
Cofound.it (CFI)

A platform that connects startups, experts and investors.

Jun 4, 2017 Jun 6, 2017 --
CoinDash (CDT)

A crypto-based social trading platform that allows its users access to advanced portfolio management tools. [Sale halted due to hack]

Jul 17, 2017 Jul 17, 2017 --
Commodity Ad Network (CDX)

We are creating an ethical ad network that will charge advertisers low flat fees and pay out content creators a lot more than is usual. We aim to bring value to all parties involved in the advertisement process, including website visitors.

Aug 26, 2017 Sep 30, 2017
CompCoin (CMP)

A tokenized financial investment system that operates a decentralized financial trading Artificial Intelligence.

Jun 14, 2017 Jul 31, 2017 --
Cosmos Network (ATOM)

a network of interoperable ledgers to accommodate any asset, any blockchain, and any programming language.

Apr 6, 2017 Apr 6, 2017 $16,800,000

A p2p betting platform built on Ethereum targeting PVP battle outcomes in mmorpgs.

Jul 23, 2017 Aug 10, 2017 --
Creativechain (CREA)

A platform for the registration and distribution of user generated multimedia content.

Mar 15, 2017 May 1, 2017 --
CryptoABS (ABS)

A platform build on Ethereum for issuing tokens backed by physical assets.

Jul 14, 2017 Aug 8, 2017 --
Cryptum Network (CRTM)

Cryptum tokens are funding a group of projects with the main goal being production of high-end board games with free access for token owners based on proof of ownership. Owners will also gain free initial amount from our upcoming Cryptumcoin and optional access to shared profits.

Sep 16, 2017 Oct 16, 2017
Crypviser (CVC)

encrypted all-in-one network for social and business communication based on blockchain technology

May 20, 2017 Jun 30, 2017 --
Crystal Clear Services (CCT)

Crystal Clear Services is developing a blockchain-based service for localized gig-economy tasks.

Sep 1, 2017 Oct 1, 2017
Crystal Clear Services (CCT)

Crystal Clear Services is developing a blockchain-based service for localized gig-economy tasks.

Jul 31, 2017 Aug 7, 2017 --
Dao.Casino (BET)

A protocol built on the Ethereum network that defines the relationship between different parties in the gambling industry including players, platform operators, investors and bankrolls, and game developers.

Jun 29, 2017 Jul 26, 2017 --
DataBrokerDAO (DATA)

Marketplace for sensor data using blockchain technology.

Sep 18, 2017 Oct 16, 2017

A decentralized derivatives exchange built on blockchain technology.

Jun 1, 2017 Jun 29, 2017 --
Debitum Network (DBT)

Accessible business borrowing and investments in loans facilitated by a distributed ecosystem. Exact sales dates TBA.

Jan 1, 1970
Decentraland (MANA)

A distributed platform for a public, interactive virtual world. Users can claim ownership of virtual land on a blockchain-based ledger of parcels.

Aug 18, 2017 Aug 18, 2017 $25,829,479
Dfinity (DFN)

A decentralized computing cloud with native smart contracts and a distributed intelligence DAO.

Feb 11, 2017 Feb 12, 2017 $3,750,000
Digi Token (DIGI)

DIGI Token Introducing Blockchain based digital goods

Sep 7, 2017 Oct 19, 2017
Dimcoin (DIM)

An equity exchange ecosystem that uses asset-backed NEM meta-tokens to make trades on the network.

Jul 1, 2017 Aug 28, 2017 $14,000,000
DinnerfulNetwork (MCD)

Meal plan delivery service that accepts payment in ETH.

Sep 18, 2017 Oct 3, 2017
district0x Network (DNT)

A collective of decentralized marketplaces and communities. Powered by Ethereum, Aragon, and IPFS.

Jul 18, 2017 Aug 1, 2017 $9,797,743
doc.ai (NRN)

Conversational AI-powered platform for on-demand, quantified biology and medical analysis.

Sep 28, 2017 Oct 11, 2017
DomRaider ICO (ETH)

Auction protocol for claiming, then auctioning domain names in a variety of languages and countries.

Sep 12, 2017 Oct 11, 2017
Drone Show Coin (DBR)

A tokenized entertainment drone.

Oct 1, 2017 Oct 14, 2017
EcoBit (ECOB)

A Malaysia based firm dedicated to launching sustainable, revenue generating projects.

Apr 9, 2017 Aug 6, 2017 --
Embermine (EMB)

Embermine is a platform designed to give content creators the means to protect and control their creative endeavors.

May 5, 2017 Jun 2, 2017 --
EncryptoTel (ETT)

Secure VoIP and B2B blockchain communications infrastructure.

Apr 24, 2017 Jul 1, 2017 --
Enigma Catalyst (ECAT)

Enigma Catalyst enables data scientists to build their own crypto-hedge fund using unique data sets and a research platform for traders to build and test investment strategies.

Sep 11, 2017 Sep 12, 2017 $45,000,000
Enjin Coin (ENJ)

Gaming community management platform enabling integration of marketplaces for tokenized virtual goods with decentralized payment gateways. Tokens are used to pay for platform services.

Sep 1, 2017 Oct 1, 2017

EQUI blockchain-based communication network.

Aug 15, 2017 Oct 1, 2017 --
Estate Coin (ESC)

A Russia based real estate construction firm that wants to heat homes with cryptocurrency mining farms. Token holders would earn a portion of the profits from mining.

Sep 1, 2017 Oct 15, 2017 --
Etch (ETCH)

Automated payroll system that pays wages in real-time

Sep 18, 2017 Oct 17, 2017
Ethbits (ETB)

An platform for digital p2p and face to face exchange of cyrpto and fiat currencies.

Apr 15, 2017 May 15, 2017 --
Etheal (HEAL)

A decentralized healthcare information layer built on Ethereum. Connecting healthcare patients, care providers and suppliers.

Sep 15, 2017 Oct 15, 2017
Ether for the Rest of the World (E4ROW)

A firm dedicated to developing apps on Ethereum. Their first app is a one-on-one poker game.

May 2, 2017 May 22, 2017 --
EtherSportz – ESZCoin (ESZ)

Ethereum-based eSports tournament platform and dividend token.

Oct 1, 2017 Oct 10, 2017
EventChain (EVC)

SmartTickets focused on the event industry.

Sep 13, 2017 Oct 15, 2017
Exscudo (EON)

A cryptocurrency exchange platform with social trading features and analytic tools.

Apr 25, 2017 May 31, 2017 --
FaceCoin (FC)

A decentralized social network. Caution: Flagged as a potential scam.

Aug 15, 2017 Sep 15, 2017
Filecoin (FIL)

The Filecoin network will operate as a decentralized, open marketplace for storage services.

Aug 10, 2017 Sep 10, 2017 $262,000,000

Finamatrix is a machine learning service to be used by crypto-finance funds.

Aug 3, 2017 Oct 15, 2017
FinShi Capital (FINS)

FinShi Capital is the first venture fund formed entirely of cryptocurrency and founded by professional investors.

Sep 6, 2017 Oct 6, 2017 $21,400,000
FlipCoin (ATM)

A growing network of cryptocurrency ATMs that make digital assets easier to acquire.

Sep 15, 2017 Oct 13, 2017
FootballCoin (XFC)

Fantasy football (soccer) tournaments platform with tokenized trading cards.

May 24, 2017 Jun 23, 2017 --
FundYourselfNow (FYN)

A crowdfunding platform that aims to provide technical, marketing, and eventually legal support for token sales.

Jun 13, 2017 Jul 31, 2017 --
Gene-ChainCoin (GENECC)

Encrypgen's Gene-Chain is a private blockchain for researchers and patients to safely store and share genomic data on a blockchain. Sale has no end date.

Jun 1, 2017 Jul 18, 2017 --
GeoFounders (GUNS)

A software collective that creates blockchain based dapps. They are issuing a profit sharing ERC20 token.

Jun 25, 2017 Jul 26, 2017 --
Giga Watt (WTT)

A firm that offers turn key mining services that range from equipment sales, maintenance, and private blockchain consensus management.

Jun 2, 2017 Jul 31, 2017 --
Gilgam (GGS)

A platform agnostic e-sport tournament platform built on the Ethereum network

Jun 20, 2017 Jul 20, 2017 --
Global Business System (GBT)

Automatization of core business processes for enterprises.

Sep 15, 2017 Oct 15, 2017
Gnosis (GNO)

An accessible prediction market platform enabling the free flow of useful information.

Apr 24, 2017 Apr 24, 2017 $12,250,000
Goal Bonanza (GOAL)

Goal Bonanza is a football betting platform based on the ethereum blockchain framework and ERC20 token standard.

Oct 1, 2017 Oct 15, 2017
Golem (GNT)
Full Report

A decentralized supercomputer. Their first target market is animation rendering.

Nov 11, 2016 Nov 11, 2016 $8,596,000
Grace (GRCE)

Grace is a secure fundraising platform built on the Ethereum blockchain, with a unique reward mechanism to organically incentivize charity campaign advocates.

Sep 4, 2017 Oct 16, 2017
Graft (GRAFT)

Unified payment processing network.

Sep 15, 2017 Oct 15, 2017
GraphGrail AI (GAI)

An Artificial Intelligence platform for Blockchain, built on top of a natural language processing technology.

Oct 6, 2017 Oct 16, 2017 --
Harbour DAO (HRB)

An Ethereum-based DAO for managing and holding token assets informed by a crowd-sourced intelligence.--Delayed indefinitely due to SEC ruling...

Aug 1, 2017 Aug 15, 2017 --

HEDGE is a fin-tech start-up company, developing a blockchain-based hedge platform for crypto instruments.

Sep 15, 2017 Oct 15, 2017
HelloGold (HGT)

A live and revenue-generating app that enables mass market customers to buy and sell gold-backed ERC20 tokens.

Aug 28, 2017 Oct 2, 2017 $5,144,700
Hive Project (HVN)

An Ethereum based invoice finance platform.

Jul 3, 2017 Aug 14, 2017 --
HotelCoin (HTC)

Distributed accommodation for everybody.

Aug 21, 2017 Sep 21, 2017
Humaniq (HMQ)

A blockchain fintech service that aims to expand financial inclusion with bio-identification and mobile technology. Note: The totals listed here do not include roughly $300,000 in fiat currency raised during a brief pre-sale.

Apr 6, 2017 Apr 27, 2017 --

A platform for launching token sales.

Aug 15, 2017 Sep 15, 2017 $13,500,000

Smart contract network differentiated by features including AI support, blockchain interoperability and their Loop-Fault-Tolerance consensus algorithm.

Sep 20, 2017 Sep 20, 2017 $42,750,000
Full Report

A blockchain-based distributed cloud computing platform built on Ethereum.

Apr 19, 2017 Apr 19, 2017 $12,120,000

International MultiModal Logistics (IMMLA) is a decentralized online service for tracking shipping across multiple modes of transportation.

Jul 15, 2017 Jul 30, 2017 --
InsureX (IXT)

InsureX is an alternative marketplace for insurance based on blockchain technology. It is aimed primarily at institutions such as insurers, reinsurers and brokers.

Jul 11, 2017 Jul 13, 2017 --
Intellium (INTL)

A tokenized research and development platform for blockchain startups.

Jul 21, 2017 Oct 1, 2017 --
Internet of Coins (HYBRID)

A platform for trading value across blockchains using hybrid assets.

Mar 21, 2017 Jun 21, 2017 --
InvestFeed (IFT)

An incentivized social investment network for cryptocurrencies.

Jul 23, 2017 Aug 7, 2017 --
Kairos (KRX)

A crypto asset Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) that is fully driven by Artificial Intelligence.

Jul 27, 2017 Aug 27, 2017 --
Kexcoin (KEX)

A Blockchain enabled property project.

Sep 15, 2017 Oct 14, 2017

KICKICO is a platform for crowdfunding and custom token creation.

Aug 29, 2017 Sep 29, 2017 $24,967,000
Kik (KIN)

Kik has an existing social messaging app it is transforming into the centerpiece of a decentralized ecosystem.

Sep 12, 2017 Sep 25, 2017 $97,500,000
Komodo (KMD)
Full Report

A privacy-focused coin with Zcash technology and a new delayed Proof-of-work consensus method.

Oct 15, 2016 Nov 20, 2016 $1,983,000
KUNA Exchange (KUN)

An existing Ukraine-based crypto exchange that is raising funds to expand it's operations into new markets.

Jul 28, 2017 Aug 8, 2017 --
KyberNetwork (KNC)

KyberNetwork is an onchain exchange for instant token-to-token conversion with guaranteed liquidity.

Sep 15, 2017 Sep 17, 2017 $60,000,000
LAToken (LAT)

Tokenize and trade real assets via crypto.

Aug 22, 2017 Oct 11, 2017 --
Legends Room (LGD)

VIP membership in a Las Vegas gentleman's club.

Apr 18, 2017 May 15, 2017 --
LeviarCoin (XLC)

A privacy focused coin forked from CryptoNote that will be used to make in-game purchases on the Leviar gaming platform.

Apr 7, 2017 Jul 9, 2017 --
Live-Streaming (LIVE)

Website down and sale canceled. Scam investigation underway on Bitcointalk.

May 10, 2017 Aug 8, 2017 --
Lunyr (LUN)

A decentralized encyclopedia built on Ethereum with a for-profit business model and rewards for users who create or edit content.

Mar 29, 2017 Apr 28, 2017 --
Lust Agency (LUST)

A decentralized sex marketplace with a goal to enable all human beings on earth to find their perfect sexual partner anonymously.

Aug 18, 2017 Oct 1, 2017 --
Lykke (Lykke)

Lykke is a crypto-asset exchange platform built on top of the Bitcoin network.

Feb 9, 2017 Feb 28, 2017 $1,973,554.46
Maecenas (ART)

A decentralized platform for investing in fine art.

Sep 5, 2017 Oct 3, 2017 --
MaskNetwork (MSK)

A decentralized peer to peer to peer social trading network.

May 24, 2017 Jun 24, 2017 --
Matchpool (GUP)

a decentralized matchmaking and dating protocol build on Ethereum.

Apr 2, 2017 Apr 3, 2017 $5,625,000
Matrexa (MTRX)

Cryptocurrency payment processing.

Sep 17, 2017 Oct 2, 2017
Matryx (MTX)

Platform for collaborative STEM research built on Ethereum. Create, discover, share, and collaborate on math, nanoengineering, and other research.

Sep 6, 2017 Oct 6, 2017
Medicalchain (NA-)

Blockchain technology for secure storage and transfer of electronic health records.

Sep 15, 2017 Oct 15, 2017
Melon (MLN)

Distributed digital asset management (a la hedge funds) on the Ethereum blockchain.

Feb 15, 2017 Feb 15, 2017 $2,900,000
MetaGame (MTG)

A Digital Collectibles Asset Exchange, Customizable CCG Gameplay Engine and E-Sportsbook Betting Platform secured on the Bitcoin Blockchain.

Jul 4, 2017 Aug 14, 2017 --
MetaGold (MEG)

An Ethereum meta-token used to make purchases in an in-game economy.

Apr 3, 2017 Apr 8, 2017 Refunded
Metal (METAL)

A user-friendly currency transfer app, similar to Venmo, that rewards users for converting fiat to cryptocurrency.

May 26, 2017 May 26, 2017 --
Minexcoin (MNC)

A crypto payment system with a native low volatility cryptocurrency.

May 15, 2017 Jun 13, 2017 --

An addition to the GameCredits ecosystem, released on Ethereum. The tokens will enable smart contract based tournaments.

Apr 25, 2017 May 25, 2017 --
Modum.io (MOD)

Enables data integrity for supply chain operations, using blockchain technology.

Sep 1, 2017 Sep 22, 2017 $13, 500, 000
Monaco (MCO)

A Visa enabled cryptocurrency debit card.

May 18, 2017 Jun 18, 2017 --
Monetha (MTH)

A decentralized reputation system with a built in payment processing network that gives users 0.2% rewards in the form of the MTH token for every purchase made.

Aug 31, 2017 Sep 30, 2017 $29,951,600
Monkey Capital (MNY)

A decentralised hedge fund focused on creative-destructive investments.

Aug 8, 2017 Oct 2, 2017 --
Musiconomi (MCI)

Blockchain-based music sharing project.

Aug 29, 2017 Sep 30, 2017 $6.767,796
MyBit (MYB)

enables fast, secure, and cost-effective access to global capital.

Jul 17, 2017 Aug 16, 2017 --
Mysterium Network (MYST)

A decentralized VPN built using Ethereum contracts.

May 30, 2017 May 30, 2017 $14,075,000
MyWill (WIL)

A decentralized platform for crypto funds management under various life circumstances.

Sep 20, 2017 Oct 10, 2017
Native Currency (NATV)

Native Currency enables NATV token owners the rights to hire and bid on freelance jobs, sell professional products and services, contribute labor, send and manage international escrow payments, and pay for web hosting services.

Sep 1, 2017 Sep 30, 2017
Neverdie Token (NDC)

A virtual reality infrastructure platform that bridges virtual worlds with popular MMORPGs on the ethereum blockchain.

Jun 30, 2017 Jul 31, 2017 --
Nexxus (NXX)

A services company for the cryptocurrency industry that aims to encourage widespread adoption with physical cryptocurrency cafes and education programs.

May 8, 2017 May 8, 2017 Canceled
Nimfamoney (NIMFA)

A low interest lending platform for making crypto-token purchases.

Aug 29, 2017 Oct 15, 2017 --
Nimiq (NET)

A blockchain with a simple web browser based interface.

Jun 28, 2017 Jul 12, 2017 $14,530,000

Cross-platform decentralized modular exchange built on the Safenetwork with a token issued on Counterparty.

May 23, 2017 Jun 25, 2017 --
Octanox (OTX)

A hybrid Proof of Work/Proof of Stake cryptocurrency built on top of the bitcoin network.

May 25, 2017 Jun 26, 2017 --

Oil and gas services focused blockchain based project.

Aug 28, 2017 Oct 2, 2017
OmiseGO (OMG)

A new proof of stake blockchain compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine with a built-in decentralized exchange and high speed settlement enabled by interconnected blockchains.

Jun 27, 2017 Jun 27, 2017 --
onG.social (ONG)

a blockchain based dashboard that aggregates feeds from multiple social media networks and supports social interaction with cryptocurrency rewards.

Aug 11, 2017 Sep 12, 2017 $1,257,512
OnPlace (OPL)

A venture capital fund and an equity crowdfunding platform. Investments made in OPL pay reduced fees compared to investments made in fiat currency.

Jun 6, 2017 Jul 6, 2017 --