Frequently Asked Questions


The Token Sale Dashboard


What is the Smith + Crown Token Sale Dashboard?

The Smith + Crown token sale dashboard is a comprehensive list of projects holding a public sale of a cryptographic token.

We do not charge users or projects for our listing service. Listing is in no way an endorsement of the project or confirmation of any claims or other information a project may make, merely an affirmation that the project appears to meet our minimum thresholds for listing on the site.

What is the Smith + Crown curated list of token sales?

Our curated list is a subset of projects that appear to meet a set of minimum requirements for inclusion. These are projects that we have identified as providing high quality information about their company, their product, and their goals.

Inclusion on our curated list is not an endorsement. Rather, it is an indication that we think this project might be worth further research and review, based on our initial evaluation. We cannot guarantee the accuracy of information presented by projects, and nothing we say is verification of their claims. Readers should always conduct their own extensive due diligence before contributing to any project.

What are the token sale attributes?

Token sale attributes represent important information about a project.

Currently, we track whether project teams have transparent and verifiable identities, are building a new blockchain, have project code available, whether their token sale is open to U.S. citizens and residents, and if they are included on our Curated List of token sales. We look for these attributes but projects can misrepresent themselves or update information without telling us. Listing an attribute is not verification but rather represents our understanding of the materials they have presented.

We periodically introduce new attributes and remove existing ones. If you have any suggestions, let us know and explain why you think they are important.

Publishing Policies


What are the requirements to be listed on the Smith + Crown token sale Dashboard?

We require all projects to fill out a brief form to be considered for listing. We will not list projects which do not provide basic information about their teams. Beyond that, it helps to have a working website, a whitepaper, and detailed information about the token sale. These are the primary factors we consider when deciding whether to list a project.

Ultimately we retain the right to list (or not list) any project.

What are the requirements to be on the curated list?

We look at several criteria that serve as input to our decision. Projects selected for inclusion do not necessarily meet all or any particular one of these criteria.

The primary factors used to assess projects for inclusion in the curated list are:

  1. Primary team member identity. We are looking for projects that have transparent and verifiable identities.
  2. The state of development. We are looking for projects that have public project code or working minimal viable projects. We will also consider pre-product stage projects with detailed white papers and modest raise amounts.
  3. The quality of the white paper. We are looking for white papers that provide detailed information about the business plan and the proposed technology. White papers that are primarily marketing or crowdsale documents will likely not qualify.
  4. The presence of existing development expertise.

You can read more about the requirements for inclusion in our curated list here. We do not verify these features for all projects beyond what is readily available.

What are the requirements to be the subject of published content or research?

To be considered for more in-depth research beyond token sale listing, projects must meet the requirements for inclusion on our curated list of token sales.

Typically, projects we write about make themselves available for an hour long research interview, are responsive to our requests for additional information and answer any follow-up questions we may have.

The Listing Process


When should I start the intake process?

The interview/review process takes time.

Projects that are interested in being considered for more in-depth research need to reach out to us at least three weeks in advance of the start of their token sale.

Why do I have to fill out a survey?

Our token sale dashboard and related research content is a free service we provide the community. We do not charge either projects or users. We do, however, require that projects provide us with some basic information.

We use this as a first step to decide whether an interview or follow-up email makes sense.

How do I start the token sale intake process?

If you are the team member of a token sale project, you can start by filling out our Token Sale Intake form. The form should take roughly ten minutes to complete.

You can also contact us directly at

What does it cost to be listed or featured in a research memo?

Our token sale dashboard and related research is a free service we offer the community. We do not accept payments of any kind for listing or writing about projects.

What kind of advertising/marketing packages does Smith + Crown offer?

Smith + Crown is an independent research firm, not a marketing platform. We do not offer any token sale marketing services. Projects cannot buy their way onto our curated list or pay for published content.

Listing and research content is not an endorsement.

How long does it take to get listed once the intake process has begun?

We typically list projects within 10 business days (two weeks) of receiving answers to our token sale survey.

Evaluation for inclusion on the curated list takes additional time and resources. Generally speaking, projects will be listed on the comprehensive list first and then be elevated to the curated list several days afterwards.

Two weeks! I don’t have time for that! Is there anyway that my project can get listed faster?

We pride ourselves in being an open platform where projects don’t have to “pay to play”.  However, we understand that some projects will need to be listed faster than our standard processing allows.

We have a paid priority listing service, though honestly you should have reached out sooner. You can select your preference for listing speed at the end of our token sale intake form. If you already filled out the form but would like to upgrade your listing priority, please contact us at

Paying for priority listing does not impact our decisions to list or write about projects. Priority projects are simply processed by our analysts sooner than they would be otherwise. We encourage projects to reach out to us sooner rather than later to take advantage of our free listing service. 

You can read more about our decision to implement expedited processing here.

Will Smith + Crown list every project?


We also won’t respond to every project that fills out our form or notify you when your project has been listed.

My project has been listed, but there are errors or inaccuracies. Who can I contact about this?

We would be happy to correct any inaccuracies in our listing or research content. Fill out this brief form and a member of our team will make any necessary corrections ASAP.

Why is the project description I submitted on the intake form different from what was published on the token sale dashboard?

Our descriptions are generic on purpose. We won’t publish descriptions that use marketing language or sound like slogans. We will not change our descriptions unless they are inaccurate. If you would like to suggest a new description, fill out a listing update request and a member of our team will reach out to you shortly.

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