Smith + Crown Consulting

Cryptocurrencies, blockchains and the myriad of related technologies, companies and communities represent one of the most exciting and innovative phases of technology in human history.  And with this rapidly growing and transformative industry comes both enormous opportunity and highly complex challenges to even the most able organizations.

Smith + Crown is built around a passion for exploration, research and seeing difficult questions through. Our team hails from diverse backgrounds ranging from technology and finance to business leadership and think tanks. We employ an experienced and multidisciplinary approach to tackling unique problems for our clients and providing innovative solutions, data and reports.

If you or your organization have questions about Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, the blockchain then let us know.  Our team can work with you to develop a solution that’s right no matter what the size of the challenge.

From education to marketplace analysis, and from product strategy to application development, our team can help your team make the right decisions and find the right answers.

  • Bespoke Research and Reporting
  • Executive Education
  • Opportunity and Marketplace Analysis
  • Product Strategy
  • User Experience and Design
  • Technical Project Management

Our team has experience living and working worldwide, as well as projects of every size and sensitivity.  Let us know if you have a question, or wish to setup a confidential introductory meeting.