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Hack.ether.camp Virtual Accelerator and Crowdsale Results

Hack.ether.camp’s second global hackathon and first crowdsale of Hacker Gold finished on December 22nd, 2016. Here are the results!

<Hack.ether.camp>’s second global hackathon finished on December 22nd, 2016. The global event featured over 60 teams from the around the world working on projects ranging from art assets secured on the blockchain, a middle-ware oracle platform, a decentralized court system, and a protocol for Smart Cities. This year, the hackathon was reimagined as a “Virtual Accelerator” and awarded $50,000 to the team that gathered the most votes.

CoinDash wins the Hackathon

The winner of the <ether.camp> hackathon is CoinDash, a cryptocurrency portfolio management app with a built-in social network. They bill themselves as “Facebook meets eToro for crypto.” They earned over 26,000 votes, surpassing the second place winner by more than 8,000 votes, and attracted 3182 judge votes.

CoinDash earns the first place prize of $50,000 as well as the 73,847 HKG tokens pledged to them during the hackathon, worth an additional $6,400.

Hacker Gold Crowdsale

The <ether.camp> Hacker Gold (HKG) crowdsale also concluded. The sale raised 85,362ETH, worth about $645,000 at the time of the sale’s close. HKG is tradeable Ethereum token with exclusive use in <hack.ether.camp>’s current and future Virtual Accelerators (global hackathons). The original vision was for participating teams to sell their own tokens in exchange for HKG, at prices and terms they determine. HKG would let fans of the global hackathon signal support for certain projects, provide them with some working capital, and purchase voting rights.

Over 650,000 HKG were invested in projects, out of 16 million created during the crowdsale.

EtherIsc Raises the most Hacker Gold

Etherisc (a decentralized insurance platform) got fourth place in terms of votes but attracted the most hacker gold: 529,396 HKG, worth more than $46,000 at the time of writing. Etherisc proposed a smart contract system built on Ethereum to support a distributed insurance market.

Etherisc has a professional team, including Christoph Mussenbrock with years of experience in banking and insurance in Germany and Jake Bruhkman, co-founder and partner at CoinFund.

Etherisc collected 7,018 votes, including 2,946 judge votes.