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Caspian: Crypto Trading Platform

Caspian is a cryptotrading platform aimed at sophisticated and institutional investors. It offers a range of technology and support services designed to enable superior trade execution, position management, compliance and reporting. Caspian is a a joint venture between blockchain investment firm Kenetic, and asset management technology provider Tora. Their ERC20 token, CSP, can optionally be used within the platform to unlock a variety of discounts, rewards and governance rights.
Sep/24/18 | Token Sale

Hedera Hashgraph

Hedera Hashgraph is a distributed ledger technology utilizing a directed acyclic graph (DAG) architecture, designed as a scalable alternative to a traditional blockchain.
Aug/31/18 | Asset
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Q2 2018: Material Development in a Bear Market

The industry of token-based projects in 2018 Q2 saw development along a variety of axes, as projects continued to raise funds, build their applications, and work within regulatory regimes. The space is more robust than an initial view of the aggregate funding or overall market trends would suggest, a conclusion supported by the prominent trends in the diversification of smart contract platform development, token sales in a variety of market sectors, and initial integrations with existing financial structures through Regulation D/SAFT registered offerings. This article takes a deeper look at 2018 Q2’s most significant developments, and considers why these themes point towards a maturing market in certain respects.
Aug/20/18 | quarterly review


Sovrin aims to offer a digital identity solution via publicly visible keys on a blockchain facilitating verification of interactions leveraging permissioned data stewards administered by a non-profit and a token economics incentivising credential issuance, verification and a consensual market for identity data.
Jul/31/18 | Asset
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Etherisc: A Decentralized Insurance Protocol

Etherisc is developing an insurance protocol based on Ethereum smart contracts. The ecosystem involves an array of service providers launching and selling various types of insurance, backed by on-chain and off-chain risk capital and reinsurance capital. The DIP token is used by service providers, who must stake an amount worth 15 – 25% of their monthly revenue.
Jul/30/18 | Token Sale

Maker DAO

MakerDao seek to establish a stable cryptocurrency that, by maintaining consistent value, can function as a viable medium of exchange and store of value. Maker feels this effort will encourage cryptocurrencies adoption by insulating holders from the volatility of most crypto assets. Maker intends to govern the decentralized stablecoin’s operations via a Distributed Autonomous Organization (DAO).
Jul/25/18 | Asset


Civil is a decentralized marketplace for journalism, operating a Token Curated Registry (TCR) of qualifying news providers. The goal of the Civil platform is to enhance journalistic integrity and reduce the bias inherent to the current ad-funded model of journalism. Each provider will own and operate independent channels, and determine content focus and revenue structure. The platform token, CVL, is used as a staking feature to start a newsroom, a TCR voting mechanims, and to appeal to and veto decisions made by the Civil Council surrounding issues of journalistic integrity. The CVL token is not required to view content on the platform, as newsrooms will have flexibility to accept payments in a variety of crypto and fiat currencies. Civil is a Consensys-mesh project.
Jul/18/18 | Asset


TrustToken is an asset tokenization platform, linking real-world assets to tokenized counterparts in order to increase liquidity. The TrustToken network is a set of legal and technical standards for this tokenization process, including a set of fiduciaries that attest to the existence and proper accounting of the underlying asset. The network cryptoasset, TrustToken, pays these fiduciaries and serves as collateral for all asset contracts. The TrueUSD stablecoin is the first asset on the TrustToken platform, which plans to expand to precious metals, real estate, and commodity-backed tokens.
Jul/17/18 | Asset

Republic Protocol

Republic is a decentralized dark pool for cross-chain atomic trading of Ether, ERC-20 tokens, and Bitcoin pairs.
Jul/16/18 | Asset