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EOS Token Sale (ICO): DPoS Smart Contract Platform

EOS is a next-generation smart contract platform, utilizing a Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) consensus mechanism that emphasizes high transaction throughput and scalability. EOS positions itself as a competitor to Ethereum as a platform for decentralized applications (dApps), offering increased scalability features as a tradeoff to a comparatively centralized node distribution.
May/16/18 | Token Sale
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Introduction to Litecoin

Litecoin is a cryptocurrency emphasizing rapid transactions and low fees, released in 2011 by Charlie Lee as an early fork of Bitcoin. Lee modified three key parameters of the original Bitcoin design: reducing the target block confirmation time to 2.5 minutes, increasing the total supply to 84 million LTC, and implementing the memory-hard PoW algorithm Scrypt. This consensus algorithm is ASIC-resistant, reducing the risk of centralized mining infrastructure. In other respects, the Litecoin network is similar to Bitcoin. Litecoin is designed to be used as a rapidly processed medium of exchange for everyday transactions, and was one of the first major cryptocurrencies to implement Segregated Witness in mid-2017.
May/14/18 | Article


NuCypher is a decentralized key management system that uses state-of-the-art proxy re-encryption technology to enable private encrypted data sharing on public blockchains. By removing the need for a trusted centralized key management service provider, NuCypher would provide the security infrastructure layer necessary for a variety of decentralized and centralized applications, such as those concerning online banking and electronic medical records. The native token, NU, is a contribution token that gives owners the right to run a node in the NuCypher network. The NU token will only be used for node staking and, at least initially, fees for using the network will be paid in ETH.
May/09/18 | Asset

NOIA Network

NOIA is a decentralized content delivery network that utilizes unused bandwidth and storage space from computers around the world. By utilizing a decentralized network to deliver web content, NOIA hopes to reduce costs while increasing efficiency and availability. Network supporters will be remunerated in the native NOIA token for sharing their unused resources.
May/09/18 | Asset
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Beyond Venezuela’s Petro: Prospects and Forms for State-Backed Cryptocurrencies

While the appearance of Venezuela’s Petro attracted considerable attention to the issue of state-backed cryptocurrencies, little discussion has explored the forms these are likely to take, the impacts they are likely to have, and the broad, long-term impacts likely to result. This article begins to explore some of the core aspects of this issue.
Apr/30/18 | Feature
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Q1 2018: A Winter of Crosscurrents in a Developing Market

Record amounts raised through token sales in early 2018 suggest a simple trend of uninterrupted growth and expansion for the industry. This article explores how, despite more than $6.5 billion being raised during Q1 2018 several more subtle observations suggest a number of new trends could be emerging, and their progression will likely be critical in shaping how 2018 unfolds for the sector.
Apr/24/18 | quarterly review
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Virtue Poker Token Sale (ICO): P2P Online Poker

Virtue Poker is a peer-to-peer online poker platform that enables the self-custody of player funds and aims to eliminate security and game integrity issues inherent to existing poker sites by using Ethereum smart contracts.
Apr/20/18 | Token Sale


Bibox (BIX) is the native token powering the Bibox exchange. The platform seeks to integrate AI technology into the analysis of trading, personalized risk management, speech recognition and the scoring of cryptoassets. In an effort to increase exchange liquidity, the platform does not permit market orders, instead only allowing limit orders (limit orders can potentially provide liquidity, while market orders remove liquidity from the system). Traders who pay in BIX receive discounts off normal trading commissions. BIX may also be used to uptier VIP status or to gain access to certain premium features. Bibox was founded in China in 2017.
Apr/12/18 | Asset

Huobi Token

Huobi Token (HT) is the native token on the Huobi platform. The platform is comprised of a suite of exchange, investment, and technology offerings. Huobi offers two different digital asset trading platforms: Huobi Pro and HADAX. Huobi Pro is the primary exchange offering and is suitable for most consumer-level traders, while HADAX (Huobi Autonomous Digital Asset eXchange) has been created primarily for finance professionals. In contrast to the strict evaluation process employed by Huobi Pro, HADAX users vote to determine which assets become listed (and management does not opine on the suitability or riskiness of the assets). On the investment side, Huobi has both a blockchain-focused investment fund and an incubator program. In addition, Huobi has invested in a high-efficiency cryptocurrency mining platform and wallet product. Huobi Tokens can be used to purchase various tiers of VIP status that provide automatic discounts to trading commissions. Stakers also have the exclusive ability to provide suggestions to Huobi Pro through surveys, attend certain HT exclusive events, and periodically receive “random” airdrops. Users can also make payments to the platform in HTs to vote in favor of new tokens to be hosted on HADAX. Huobi was founded in September 2013 in Beijing by Leon Li.
Apr/11/18 | Asset