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A Framework for ICO/Token Sale Self-Governance

In this report, we share our thoughts on self-regulation within the token sale / ICO industry. It is in informed by countless internal conversation and debates throughout our network, the review of over five hundred different projects, and the dozens of notices and actions from regulators around the world.
Dec/29/17 | Feature
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Smith + Crown’s Industry and Sector Classification

Smith + Crown has developed a classification system for the various sectors into which blockchain-based companies are focusing their energies and integrated those results into our existing project database. Here, we outline our thinking on industry classification in the context of disruptive technology and show an initial look at what areas of the economy are getting targeted through token launches.
Dec/13/17 | Feature
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Overview and Analysis of ICO Regulatory Developments

The spring and summer of 2017 have been tumultuous for the ICO industry. We summarize recent developments, particularly the wave of recent regulatory actions. We argue for cautious optimism while acknowledging that the industry needs to regulate itself.
Sep/20/17 | Feature
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Zcash: a first look at mining

Zcash launched on Friday, October 28th. Mining for ZEC started low but over the weekend, drew mining power away from ETH and toward ZEC. Nonetheless, it does not appear to have induced significant amounts of net new mining activity.
Oct/31/16 | Opinion
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DAOs and Securities Regulation

Distributed Autonomous Organizations involve crypto-tokens, which confer to its holders special rights. Should launching a DAO be considered a security offering?
Sep/30/16 | Feature