Author: Matt Chwierut

Smith + Crown’s Industry and Sector Classification

Smith + Crown has developed a classification system for the various sectors into which blockchain-based companies are focusing their energies and integrated those results into our existing project database. Here, we outline our thinking on industry classification in the context of disruptive technology and show an initial look at what areas of the economy are getting targeted through token launches.


Smith + Crown launches a curated list of ICOs

Smith + Crown has launched a curated list of ICOs and token sales. This list should help people focus on projects that meet several key criteria we think exhibit a thoughtful token sale. It is not a paid list, and inclusion is done at our own discretion.


Smith + Crown Token Sale Listing Policies

The number of token sale projects on the market has increased rapidly in the first half of 2017. In order to better serve our community, we’ve updated our token sale listing policies.