Author: Brant Downes

October Token Sales: The Market is Maturing and Business is Getting Done

Market developments in October suggest the ICO market might be maturing. Of the 165 token sales that were scheduled to close in October 2017, only 40% were completed on time, suggesting a tightening market. While the number of sales and the total amount raised continues to rise, the average and median amount raised continues to fall–more signs the market is getting more discerning about who is getting funded. The number of projects raising $5 million – $40 million is also increasing, suggesting a crop of products and developments could come to the market in 2018.

Observations on the Geography of Token Sales

ICOs are being launched from many jurisdictions around the world. While countries like Singapore and Switzerland unsurprisingly host many ICOs, the list of countries that have continues to grow, reflecting recent regulatory developments.


Overview and Analysis of ICO Regulatory Developments

The spring and summer of 2017 have been tumultuous for the ICO industry. We summarize recent developments, particularly the wave of recent regulatory actions. We argue for cautious optimism while acknowledging that the industry needs to regulate itself.