Token Sale

Augmentors token sale: Augmented reality battle game with a built-in market for in-game assets

Project Description

Augmentors is an augmented reality creature battle game built on the Bitcoin network. The Augmentors game features an internal economy powered by Databits (DBT), a Bitcoin meta-token. Crowdsale participants use Bitcoin to purchase limited edition in-game assets which they can use to play Augmentors or sell on a built in asset market.

In order to play Augmentors, users will first need to purchase creatures and other game items in the Creature store using DBT. ICO contributors can purchase privileged access to the premium store which will release special premium assets before they are made available to the general public.

ICO + Token details

Sale period: January 31st, 2017 to February 28th, 2017

How are funds held: The ICO is being hosted by Tokenly.

Token Supply: Proportional to investment, max supply 100 million

Amount Distributed in ICO: 70% distributed directly to investors

Emission Rate: No more coins created

Alpha release date: End of April, 2017

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