Traceto is aiming to provide an ongoing KYC service, which combines feedback from a community of network participants to build individual profiles. Traceto is a distributed network of third-party identification verification providers, community input, and machine learning algorithms that collectively assign individuals KYC scores to attest to their identities. This allows other entities to verify identity without viewing personal identity documents, which remain encrypted. The token (T2T) will be used to compensate a network of Verifiers, who act as gatekeepers to users’ identity information (on behalf of corporate requesters or regulators) without having access to it themselves and to pay for KYC services.


TraceTo Token Sale (ICO): Distributed Network for KYC Compliance is a decentralised Know Your Customer (KYC) service provider incorporating third-party identity verification providers, community feedback, machine learning and smart contract technologies to establish continuous compliance with international identification requirements.

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