The DAO (Distributed Autonomous Organization) was an effort in 2016 to launch a decentralized venture capital fund for the blockchain industry. The DAO would sell tokens in exchange for ETH, and DAO token holders would vote on how The DAO would allocate its ETH. The DAO would be able to invest in companies, collect earnings from its investments, and redistribute them to DAO token holders. Shortly after launch, the DAO's smart contract that held all its ETH was drained in a hack, ultimately resulting in a hard fork to recover lost funds.


Selected Articles

A Regulatory Agenda for DAOs

How should a DAO be regulated? This article outlines some key legal issues surrounding DAOs that will need to be addressed before DAOs become mainstream.

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Another Fork Dilemma in The DAO Wars

The proposed soft fork to recover DAO funds may be vulnerable, forcing the community to consider a hard fork. Meanwhile, the community is debating the long-term fallout of both the attack and a fork.

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The DAO Token Sale (ICO)

The DAO, a distributed autonomous organization is holding an ICO. Tokenholders will vote on how their ether get spent and will earn a portion of profits The DAO’s investments make. hopes The DAO’s first act will be to hire to build a Smart Lock.

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