Steem Dollars is a social media and content platform that rewards users for the contributions they make. It shares elements from platforms like Reddit (user-generated content, multi-media, and community voting and curation) but it features longer-form content and a complex crypto economy. Three different tokens power the system. STEEM is a freely tradeable token, which can be instantly converted into Steem Power, an internal currency used in voting and user rewards. The system also issues rewards in Steem Dollars, a tradable asset pegged to 1 USD and convertible to STEEM. The platform launched in sprint 2016 and forked later that year to update components of the token model that proved unpopular. The network is built upon Graphene, the same codebase that powers Bitshares, and was launched by Ned Scott and graphene developer Dan Larimer.


Selected Articles

How does work?

Within 3 months since its launch, has grown as a social publishing platform, a community, and a globally traded currency. Here are the basics.

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The Complicated Mechanics of STEEM

Steem is one of the more complicated active cryptocurrency projects. In this article, we explain several confusing issues in how STEEM gets generated and distributed – and what it means for the platform.

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