Ardor - Smith + Crown


Ardor is a 'Blockchain-as- a-Service' solution. Instead of setting up a new blockchain for each special purpose, business can use Ardor’s read-to- use chains. The platform consists of one main chain, Ardor, which is responsible for network security and processing, and various different so called child chains linked to it. The child chains work simultaneously. They are responsible for operational transactions such as creating assets, voting, sending messages, etc. They can be adjusted to the business’ needs, with each holding its own transactional token. The transactions of child chains are reported to the parent chain through a process called “bunding”, where multiple child chain transactions are packaged into one single block and reported to the Ardor chain. Ardor originally evolves from the Nxt Blockchain, which is running since 2013. Starting from 2016, Jelurida, the entity that is behind the development of the Nxt platform, decided to evolve the Nxt software in order to address the issues of blockchain bloat, scalability as well as versatility. Hence, Ardor is based on the Nxt code. The Ador platform launched on January 1st 2018, with Ignis as its first child chain.