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Aragon is an open source, subjective governance layer built on Ethereum to enable the creation and management of organizations. They intend to build a toolkit that any organization can use for self-organization, whether that entity is centralized, decentralized, a startup, corporation, non-profit, DAO, or beyond.


On March 29, 2018 Aragon released Aragon Core v.05 beta, codenamed “The Architect” on Ethereum’s Rinkeby testnet. This is powered by aragonOS, which is a smart contract development framework for protocols and Dapps. AragonOS can be used independently of tokens, and the company vows that it will remain free. Previously, the team launched Aragon Core Alpha v.03 in March 2017. “The Architect” release includes a voting app, token manager, finance app and a vault which can be creatively combined to serve a variety of use cases like paying employees or initiating a vote.

The Aragon Network itself intends to become an autonomous organization, where community members holding ANT tokens may vote on virtually every aspect of the network, from token minting mechanics to development grant funding through their Aragon Nest program. The ideals of decentralization are embedded deeply throughout the organization’s Manifesto and content, and to show their commitment to leveling the playing field of development on the network, they plan to split their core developers from working under their Estonian Foundation, to an independent company entity funded by the Foundation. Additionally, they propose a 4 step plan to transfer as many powers and permissions held by the Foundation to the Aragon Network over time.

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