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 0x (ZRX)0x is an open, public, and rent-free infrastructure underpinning user-facing applications and decentralized exchanges such as 0x Portal and RadarRelay that facilitate peer to peer exchange of ERC20 compatible assets.
 21 million (21M)21 Million is an indy media production company employing the Ethereum blockchain for greater transparency.
 ACT (ACT)ACT is a decentralized funding platform for social projects and charitable giving.
 Adel (ADL)Adel is developing a venture capital DAO.
 Adhive (ADH)AdHive is an AI-controlled influencer marketing platform.
 Aero Token (AERO)AERO Token sought to build a blockchain-based system for granting, utilizing, and paying for avigation easements for commercial drone flights.
 Aeternity (AE)A smart contract platform for on-chain oracles, state channels, and prediction markets.
 Aigang (AIG)Aigang provides fully automated insurance products based upon crowdsourced prediction market inputs.
 Aion (AION)Aion is a multi-tier blockchain interoperability framework, designed to facilitate communication between a variety of blockchains in a distributed Web3 architecture.
 Airbloc Protocol (ABL)A personal data protocol allowing individuals to monetize their data through advertiser purchases.
 Alluma (LUMA)Alluma is an institutional grade cryptocurrency exchange focused on emerging markets in Asia.
 Ambrosus (AMB)Ambrosus is a blockchain-based ecosystem for supply chains that enables ‘farm-to-fork’ tracking and quality control over products.
 Anti Bureaucracy Coin (ABC)Anti-Bureaucracy Coin is a platform for decentrally authenticating identities, contract signatures and documents aiming to- resolve inefficiencies caused by dysfunctional bureaucracies
 Apptrade (APPX)Apptrade is an OpenLedger project that aims to build a marketplace for investing in apps.
 Aragon (ANT)Aragon is a platform for creating and managing Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs), and its ANT token confers holders voting rights with respect to constitution changes and protocol adjustments.
 Ardor (ARDR)Ardor is a 'Blockchain-as- a-Service' solution where businesses can use Ardor’s read-to- use chains. The platform consists of one main chain, Ardor, which is responsible for network security and processing, and various so-called child chains.
 ARK (ARK)ARK is a Lisk-forked cryptocurrency intended for broad consumer adoption, offering features like a smartcard as a means of payment, InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) integration, and cross blockchain transactional capacities.
 Arweave (AR)A data storage blockchain protocol based on a novel proof of access consensus mechanism.
 Auctus (AUC)Auctus is a retirement savings platform that allows users to manage portfolios of bonds, stocks and cryptoassets via a single portal.
 Augmentors (DTB)Augmentors is an augmented reality creature battle game built on the Bitcoin network, featuring an internal economy powered by Databits (DBT), a Bitcoin meta-token.
 Augur (REP)Augur is an open-source, decentralized prediction market where users can both create markets and vote on expected outcomes of other markets.
 Aventus (AVT)Aventus is a decentralized, autonomous protocol for event ticket exchange that seeks to bridge the primary and secondary markets for ticket sales by reducing ticket scalping, fraud and other rent-seeking behaviors.
 Back to Earth (SRC)Back to Earth is a multimedia “alternate reality” game where players use an ethereum token to deepen their in-game experience.
 Bancor (BNT)Bancor is a platform enabling the launch of tradeable tokens backed by crypto-token reserves, such as ETH, representing a range of different assets.
 Bankex (BKX)BANKEX is an online platform for tokenizing real world assets.
 Basic Attention Token (BAT)The Basic Attention Token functions within the Brave Browser open-source, blockchain-based ecosystem to enable users to monetize their attention and personal information and for digital advertisers to operate within a system designed to be more efficient and cost effective.
 Basis (BASIS)A stablecoin with an algorithmically controlled central bank.
 Bibox (BIX)Bibox (BIX) is the native token powering the Bibox exchange.
 Binance Coin (BNB)Binance Coin (BNB) is the native token on the Binance exchange.
 Bitcoin (BTC)Bitcoin is the first true digital peer to peer currency system that ushered in the era of cryptocurrency and related technologies.