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HEAT ICO raises almost $1 million, multiple ICOs remain active

Heat raised almost $1 million. Meanwhile, Antshares, Tau-Chain, Metaverse, and Elastic Project are accepting funds.

HEAT Ledger just concluded its ICO, raising $900,000 worth of multiple cryptocurrencies. (1) HEAT is focused on assets and enterprise-level scaleability, and has announced an intended IPO later this year.

This has been an active year for ICOs. People around the world have invested hundreds of millions of dollars so far in 2016. Some projects have taken off rapidly. Some currently lie fallow. And one–The DAO–has provided immense drama for the crypto- and non-crypto communities alike.

We track active ICOs at smithandcrown.com/icos. At time of writing, at least four are actively accepting funds.

  1. Antshares: Antshares, a Chinese blockchain company focused on regulation-compliant asset registration, is holding at ICO in both Chinese and English. They recently translated their whitepaper.
  2. Elastic Project: Elastic, an open-source project to build a distributed supercomputer, hasn’t received much press coverage but its ICO will run through most of August.
  3. Tau-Chain: An ambitious project to build a universal programming language (a ‘generalized blockchain’) has an open ICO.
  4. Metaverse: A Chinese development team is holding an ICO, though not much material is available in English and we are still verifying details.

In addition, Decent Software currently has open pre-ICO bounties. Its official ICO is slated for September 10th, 2016.

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(1) Estimated with the following prices for the currencies involved: BTC ($590), ETH ($11), FIMK ($.7 per thousand), and NXT ($.03)