ICOs and Crowdsales

We maintain a curated list of ongoing and upcoming cryptocurrency ICOs (initial coin offerings) and crowdsales.

We evaluate every projects for listing along multiple criteria, but in general, these are ICOs that should or have raised the equivalent of $100,000 or are unique in some way. We provide summaries and commentary for select ICOs. Listing or research is not considered an endorsement.

We do not solicit or accept payment for listing on this site or for more in-depth analysis.

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ChronoBank ICO / Crowdsale: a distributed market for labour-hours

Chronobank will be a platform for people to buy and sell labor. Labor Hour tokens (LH) are backed by people-hours. They are holding an ICO for TIME: a token that entitles holders to a portion of newly created LH and a portion of fees for using LH.

Rchain Coin Swap with Synereo AMP

Synereo’s Rchain has been Incorporated as a Co-op under former Syenreo CTO, Greg Meredith. They are holding a Token Swap with AMP to fund development.

Mainstreet Fund ICO / Crowdsale: a crypto private equity firm

Mainstreet is an investment fund that will operate like a private equity firm but will pay a portion of profits to those who hold its Mainstreet Investment Tokens (MIT) crypto-tokens

Equibit ICO / Crowdsale: a platform for securities trading

Equibit is blockchain platform for issuing, trading, and managing private equity.

IEX.EC ICO / Crowdsale: distributed cloud infrastructure for Dapps

IEX.EC is a blockchain-based distributed cloud computing platform built on Ethereum.

FundRequest ICO / Crowdsale: rewarding open-source contributions

FundRequest is a platform for rewarding open-source contributions using Ethereum smart contracts.

Melonport Token Sale: hedge fund management on the blockchain

The open-source Melon protocol will enable distributed digital asset management on the Ethereum blockchain.

Adel’s First ICO / Crowdsale: developing a community based funding platform

Adel is holding the first of three ICOs to finance the initial development of a venture capital DAO.